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No one knows what its like.
I feel like i'm always someone else's second choice.

I feel like I don't have alot of friends.

I feel like no one likes me, or everyone thinks i'm weird, annoying, un-cool, ect.

I feel like i'm fat, ugly, stupid.

I feel like i'm not good enough for anybody.

I feel awful in my own skin.

I can't confide in my parents or best friends, because I don't want them to know.

Every night, I cry myself to sleep without my family knowing.

I put on a smile on the outside, but on the inside i'm insecure and 24/7 feeling like i'm not good enough.

I spend all my time on Witty and the internet because no one calls me and says "hey, wanna hang out?"

The only people who care are my parents, and strangers on the internet.

I haven't even told my parents how I feel. They think i'm the happiest person alive because of my fake smile.

No one knows.

No one knows what its like.

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No one knows what its like. I feel like i'm always someone

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toadally24 · 9 years ago
i feel the same way........
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boulevardofbrokendreams · 9 years ago
text me 2014505057, seriously, you should know you're not alone
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ericaa05 · 9 years ago
you just described my life. i know how you feel and you are surely not alone, im here if you need. stay strong<3
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1Dimaginettes · 9 years ago
I know how that feels, you're not alone baby girl :) & i know we're all just strangers to eachother on the internet, but if you think about it, we're all real people sitting behind a computer screen. So if someone leaves a comment saying you're beautiful, you better believe it! Because it's coming from a real person with real feelings. stay strong, i love you xx
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savvywinter · 9 years ago
i do :(
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PurpLeDinOsaurs · 9 years ago
Thats how I feel. Everyday.
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flossydossy · 9 years ago
I do cus that's how I feel :(
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No* · 9 years ago
I understand. I AM that girl. I AM the bullied nerdy girl who always gets pushed around!
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Sorrowful · 9 years ago
I understand how you feel, i know that feeling over never belonging never being understood. I wear a fake smile like a mask to just hide all the pain in my life. I understand and don't be afraid to ask me "hey do you wanna hang out"
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.joyriding.* · 9 years ago
You will NEVER be alone as long as you have wifi, because you have all of us Wittians! We'll never give up on you and we'll never leave you. If only your parents and us care, think about it... How many people go to your school? Cause I can assure you, there will be more wittians that care about you. As for you being fat, if you put on a few pounds it usually means you're due a growth spurt. If you don't think you're pretty, that's just the opinion of one person. Who knows how many others might pass you in the street and think "Wow! She's beautifull!" and just as thisisbrandon said, you are loved, needed, wanted, you just have to realize it.
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Jahyvie · 9 years ago
Girl dont ever thing you are alone. This has been my life for 3 years. You just took the words from my mouth and put it into this well written quote that deserves a top quote. Darling I know you may feel alone but please know that you are not and I know that I can't physically go to your house and be the person to make your life amazing. I wish I could though. I wish I could come to your house and we could be besties and eat ice cream and have sleep overs and dwell over cute boys together. We couyld watch cheesy love stories together and of course watch the Titanic together because its the greatest love story of all. I wish I could help you through this with you physically but since I cant I'am giving you the option to talking to me whenever you need top because I understand what you are going through and I want to help however I can <333
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thisisbrandon · 9 years ago
Dont you ever say that....you are wanted..loved..needed. just need to realize it.
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akp1015 · 9 years ago
you are definitely not alone! you basically just described what my life was like in middle school. but it just took some time, and God finally placed some awesome friends in my life that I am so thankful for! so don't worry, you may feel awful now, but God has the perfect plan for you. :)
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theglassbutterfly · 9 years ago
And it felt so good, but my mom said no. Everytime ive liked someone, once they found out, they wouldnt even talk to me. When ever i hang out with people at school, they talk tosomeone else, and i tag along. People say i need to be quieter, and be less loud, to turn my volume down, but if i do, they aact like im not there. And it hurts so much.
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theglassbutterfly · 9 years ago
I know what it feels lkke. Im such a seclnd wheel/outcast the adults that run my chruches youth group had to sit them down and talk to the, and tell them they needed to get along with me, needed to be my friend, be there for me. It worked for about a month, now i have to go to them, and just sit there and listem in on convos, and no one EVER asks me to hang out. Not even my 'bff' i text HER and ask HER to hang out. No exageration, but the last time ive been asked to hang out with someone in the last 3 years was yesterday.
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