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Remember Me.

**Chapter 19** 

Ashley slept over last night and her, Jenni, and I got to know each other so much better. Now, it’s the three of us. Against the world. We woke up for school and all of us got ready together. I put on a floral printed cropped bustier like top with a pair of white jean shorts. I also was wearing a pair of bright red heels accented with a rose on the toe. Ashley wore a strapless top that looks like a button up blue and white man’s shirt but it’s tied feminine like. She is also wearing blue jean shorts and blue high heel shoes. Jenni is wearing a royal blue bustier top with frayed jean shorts that look like a skirt, but it’s actually shorts. She paired the outfit with silver strappy heels. We all looked wonderful. Jenni and my hair is looking the same as usual with normal style of makeup. Ashley’s super long straight blonde hair goes down to her butt and her blue eyes have natural colored makeup on them. We all pile into Ashley’s car and go to school. As we walk in I could picture a movie scene. Like when the 3 gorgeous best friends walk into the high school like they own it. And everything’s in slow motion and our hair lusciously blows in the air as we walk. And everyone in the hall way has to turn to look at us. It felt great; I felt superior and confident. But, what else was knew… I was always confident. Then all of a sudden time sped up to normal as we approached Evan and Henry. “Baby, I’m sorry!” Henry pleaded to Ashley. “I’m not your ‘baby’ anymore, Henry. We’re over… Get lost” “Come on” He begs. “No go have fun with Kimmy” Ashley laughs as we keep walking. We all were smiling. Well I was until I saw Jack glaring at me. I make eye contact and he shakes his head and looks away. He slams his locker shut and starts walking down the hall. “I’ll catch up with you two later, Jenni I’ll see you in all of our classes” I whisper as I walk away. “Okay” they both reply. “Hey Jack! Hold up!” I yell as he walks faster pace. “Jack!” I keep calling after him. Finally I catch up and put a hand on his shoulder. He immediately whips around out of breathe from practically running. “What?” He snaps. “Why are you so mad at me?” I ask him, hoping for an answer. He rolls his eyes and turns back around leaving me answerless. “No.” I state as I jump in front of him in his path so he cant walk anymore. “Move.” He says briefly and sighs like I’m a huge pain in the a/ss. “Why?” I ask again. “Oh my god. You really want to know? Do I have to spell it out to you? You don’t already get it?” He mocks me. “Tell me” I say in a sad tone. “You smoke. You randomly hookup with your ex-boyfriend that’s a complete jack-a/ss to you and has cheated on you numerous times. You can be a huge b/tch and sl/t. You get wasted. You have bad decisions on choosing people. You probably do drugs. You changed, Sadie. A lot.” He states blankly. “I know I’ve changed Jack, but I’m still that girl you fell for in 8th grade on the inside. And I do not do drugs… anymore. And I am not a sl/t or a b/tch! Sure, I’ve made some bad decisions but that’s in the past. The past doesn’t matter to me…” I come back. “You’re right. And I am in your past, Sadie. So I shouldn’t matter, so just let me be. Leave me alone.” He breaks my spirit and leaves. He walks away and leaves me standing there alone. Ashley and Jenni approach me. “What just happened?” They ask. I still stand there silently and sad. “Sadie?” They freak out. “I just got an idea…” I finally speak slowly. “What?” They ask in unison. “Ahh! That’s a rebellious look!!” Jenni points out. “We should all skip and go get a tattoo” I suggest with a devious smile. Whenever I get crushed I get in a rebellious mood. Hence all my piercings. “I’m in!” Jenni replies quickly. Ashley thinks for a while… “Don’t we need legal signatures?” She finally asks.


Outfits: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56400052
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Remember Me. **Chapter 19** Ashley slept over last night and

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