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Remember Me .

**Chapter 17** ---- PART 1

We get to the park and I already see Evan and Henry sitting and waiting. They are talking. “Hey sexy!” Evan calls as I get out of the car, then he whistles. Jenni and I casually walk over. I pretended like I wasn’t happy to see him even though I completely was. I walked up to him and sat on his lap as I took two cigarettes out. I handed one to him and I put it into his mouth. I lit both of ours and noticed Jenni already has one lit up and Henry looked confused. “You all smoke?” He finally asks. “Yeah man you should try it” Evan replies. “Sadie and I have for a while” Jenni adds. “Yeah and I got Evan hooked, kind of.” I say. Henry shrugs and reaches for one. I start to kiss Evan and run my fingers through his hair. I happen to glance over and Henry and Jenni are leaning in to kiss. What have I done. They peck then I yell, “Jenni! Can I talk to you for a second?” They both look shocked. “Sure..” Jenni replies and we start to walk away as they finish smoking. I whisper to Jenni, “I’m having second thoughts… I can hook you up with someone else… That’s Ashleys boyfriend and I still sort of have a best friend instinct.” I speak fast, mumbling out the words hoping Jenni wont get mad at me. “About time” she laughs. I was confused, “What?” I ask. “Yeah, I was waiting for you to stop me… I knew Sadie that deep down you still care about Ashley and you should. She was your best friend since forever ago.” Jenni was totally cool with the whole thing and we walked back over to the boys. “Well, I’m sorry to cancel. But, I am not feeling too good. I think I caught a little bit of the flu or I ate something bad. Sadie, you can stay but I’m going to drive your car home. Evan, can you bring her home later?” Jenni lies. “Yeah that’s fine.” He says. “Feel better.” Henry adds. “Well, that sucks. I kind of felt a rush of the idea to cheat on Ashley. She has been a real b/tch lately.” Evan laughs. “Here, call one of these girls.” Evan says, “Oh and this one is really easy” he adds while pointing to a contact number. 

***UGH... stupid formatting says my chapter was too long so it is coming in two parts back to back... SOOO make sure to read part 1 before part 2... Sadie is still being a pretty good friend in the end, right? Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***

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Remember Me . **Chapter 17** ---- PART 1 We get to the park and

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