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Remember Me .

**Chapter 16**

 “What do you want, Sadie?” Henry greets. He must know about Ashley and I’s fight. “Um, this isn’t Sadie…”

“Who is this then?”
“Jenni. I’m Sadie’s friend from New York. I just transferred”
“And…? You called me, why?”
“Well, I was thinking you and I could meet up at the park in ten and hangout” Jenni suggests.
“Um… I… um. I.. have a girlfriend” Henry gulps.
“So…? Your point?” Jenni days flirtaciously. “She wouldn’t have to know”
“Um, sure.” Henry sounds hesitant. “Meet you there in ten”
“Sounds perfect” Then they hung up the call. I heard the whole conversation from speaker phone. Jenni squealed and hugged me. “So is this Henry dude even cute?” Jenni asks, “And he has a girlfriend?”
“He is pretty hot and yeah… He’s, umm, dating Ashley.” Jenni’s mouth dropped. “Sadie..” She says concerned as she grabs my arm and sits me on the bed. She sits next to me and faces me. “Do you really want to set me up with Ashley’s boyfriend for a booty call. Look, I know you two are fighting, but you guys were best friends. Are you really willing to do this to her?”

Jenni started to make me feel guilty. “Yes.” I answer sternly. “Okay” Jenni replies in disbelief, “I better get ready then”. As Ashley goes into the bathroom to get ready, I send two quick texts. I sent one to Evan saying, “Hey babe ;) Meet me at the park in 10?” Then I sent the second text to Ashley saying, “Do you ever think we’ll be friends again?” Evan replied first saying, “Yup ;)” then my phone immediately vibrated again. This time from Ashley: “Nope. Doubtful. If you couldn’t tell earlier, I kinda hate you now.” Jenni walks out looking amazing. “So you’re sure?” She asks me concerned once again. I glance down at Ashley’s reply again. “Oh, I’m positive. And I’m coming too, I’m meeting Evan.” “Well, hurry up and get ready!” She screeches. “Okay..” I laugh. All my piercings are in and I put on a hot pink and black bodycon short skirt and a crop tank top that says ‘Wild Spirit’. I pair it with some black peep-toe heels. Jenni is wearing a short white bodycon skirt with a plain black tee cropped shirt. She paired it with some pink peep-toe heels. She has her piercings in too which consists of ears, nose, belly button, and eye brow. We walk downstairs. “Well, where are you two going?” My mother questions. “We’re going out!” I snap back. Jenni and I walk out and go to my car. “You shouldn’t be so rude to your mother, Sadie. You know she loves and cares about you” Jenni preaches. “Yeah, yeah.” I reply as I speed in reverse and head towards the park.

Sadie and Jenni’s Outfits: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56292659
***Like Jenni? Who do you think is the bad influence? Jenni on Sadie or Sadie on Jenni? What about the whole situation with Henry? And Ashley!? Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***

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Remember Me . **Chapter 16** “What do you want, Sadie?”

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bluetiger · 9 years ago
i think that Sadie is a bad influence on Jenni
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