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R e m e m b e r  M e .
**Chapter 15** 



Jenni arrived in the morning; I got her a next day ticket. She had to rush to pack. I took the day off school to welcome her. My parents were fine with it. Her and I worked together to move a bed into my room and then brought her stuff up. Jenni and I spent hours putting away stuff and catching up. Jenni is a little taller than me; she has blonde hair that we just dip dyed with some blue and green. She has really pretty brown eyes. She is very skinny, but not too skinny. Her and I are one of the same. Jenni smokes a lot though. But, I sort of started to too. “Hey, my parents don’t know that me or you smoke so its pretty hush hush”
“Got it” she replies. I go over all the ground rules with her, curfews, everything. I give her the 411 on all the people at my school. Then, we both drive to the school and fill out her transfer papers. Ashley sees her and approaches us. “Oh, so is this another wh/re?” she asks. “No, this is my best friend Jenni from New York. She’s living with me now” I sass. Ashley rolls her eyes and walks away. She hits her shoulder off Jenni’s. “Oh h/ll no! Girl, you did not just do that” Jenni snaps. “Yeah, I think I did” Ashley replies as she keeps walking. “That used to be your best friend?” Jenni asks me. “Unfortunetly” I reply. Jenni and I finish the transfer papers and they just gave Jenni the same exact schedule as me so I can be her ‘mentor’. This is awesome; having my best friend with me in every single one of my classes all day every day then go back home and hangout. “Jenni, this is Evan” I say pointing to him. “My booty call” I whisper to her then giggle. “Evan, this is my best friend from New York, Jenni. She transferred and is living with me. Oh, and don’t even try. She knows all about you” I smirk. “Nice to meet you. Maybe we could all hang out and have a smoke together” Evan says. “I sort of got him hooked” I say disappointed. Jenni and I walk away. “Boy, he is a cute one!” she says. “I know” I smile and look over my shoulder at him. After a quick tour of the school, Jenni and I go to the park. We have a quick smoke and then drive home. I introduce Jenni to my parents and younger brother and then Jenni and I head up to my room. My parents didn’t look very impressed because Jenni looks like another one of me; which my parents don’t exactly like the new me. Oh well. This is going to be the best year ever because I have my best friend here. “Any cute guys you know that you could hook me up with for a booty call?” Jenni asks. I think really hard, but come up with an answer quickly. “Actually, I do. Here I will call him and hand you the phone and you can do the talking” I say. “Okay! Great!!” She replies. I grab my phone off the dresser and go to my contacts. I press the contact and hit call. I hand her the phone which says: ‘Now Calling, Henry’


***Ouch, Sadie is hooking up Jenni with Ashley’s boyfriend? Do you think that Henry will fall into it or know better? Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***


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R e m e m b e r M e . **Chapter 15** Jenni arrived in the morning;

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