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Concrete Angel:
A Child Abuse Story.
Chapter 5

On Saturday, I set up a "playdate" for Joy and her friend Lily, because I'll be at detention.

I park in the empty parking lot as the rain drizzles. I see Jake, who stares at me with his peircing green eyes. I
quickly recall the chemicals bubbling up. This is all my fault. I wish Mr. Kewer had only given me detention.

"Hey, Jake." I mutter. He nods once, then walks off into the school. I follow him, and  keep my eyes glued to the floor.

When we walk in the room, Mrs. Pentlie is sitting on the desk, and the room is vacant. Me and Jake take seats far from each other. "Now, I have to go make a phone call, so while I'm gone, no talking!" Mrs. Pentlie snaps, and exits the room.

"Jake, I'm so sorry. I understand if you don't like being my lab-partner." I say.

"Good," he chuckles, "'cause I asked Mr. Kewer to switch me to someone else." My heart sinks even deeper. Am I really that awful?

"Ok, so maybe you don't have to like me as a chemist, but maybe you could like me as a person?" I beg. I hope that maybe somebody could accept me for who I am. "I'm seriously, absolutely, undoubtfully sorry about everything that's happened. "

"Ok. I forgive you, Amber." Jake says, not making eye contact.

I smile, for real. "Cool."


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Concrete Angel: A Child Abuse Story. Chapter 5 On Saturday, I

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