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R e m e m b e r  M e .
**Chapter 13**
I pull into the park and immediately go over to wait on the swings. It wasn’t long before Jack got there. “Sadie?” he questions. “Yeah?” I respond.
“Wow… you look different. Sexy different” he comments.
“Thanks, this is the real me and I want everyone to know. Im tired of hiding” I say with confidence. Jack sits on the swing next to me. We make small talk for almost an hour. Evan will be getting here soon. Time to start the plan. I lean over and kiss Jack. He kisses back. We sit there making out and I hear Evan’s truck pull up. What? No motorcycle tonight. Jack tries to look at who is pulling in but I grab his face to keep it attached to mine. “What the f--- is going on here?” Evan yells as he runs over from getting out of his truck. I smirk, “Hurts, don’t it?”. “Sadie is that even you?” He questions my appearance. “Yeah, this is the real Sadie. The ‘bad girl’ type I was in New York. Time you meet her” I say. “Oh, so this Sadie cheats?” He yells. “Well, you do too Evan! I saw you with her!” I yell starting to tear up. I cant cry. I hold it in. Jack just sits there shocked. “Who?”
“Oh, don’t play dumb Evan! I saw you with a girl making out on your front steps earlier TODAY!”
“You guys both need to relax” Jack interrupts us seeing that we are both beet red and yelling.
“No, Jack, what I really need is a smoke” I slipped. Did I really just say that? I’ve never felt the need for a smoke. They both are staring at me with their mouths dropped open. “What?” I snap.
“You smoke?” They both said in unison. Jack looks especially surprised. “Yeah, I did all the time in New York with my friends” I confess. “Wow, that’s kind of hot” Evan smirks his usual sexy smirk. “No it’s not! It’s disgusting. Sadie? How can you do something like that to yourself?” Jack spits. I just shrug my shoulders. I break the silence with something I probably shouldn’t say, “Well, do either of you have any cigarettes?” Jacks jaw dropped: “Of course not!” “Actually I do” Evan says. He walks to his truck and comes back with a pack and a lighter. “My cousin, Michael, left them in my truck a week ago” he says as he hands me them. I take out a cigarette as Jack and Evan both watched me anxiously. I put the end of it in my mouth and cover the other end with my hand as I light it while inhaling. I inhale slowly and blow out the smoke, finally calming down. It scares me that I needed a smoke for once ever in my lifetime. I wasn’t doing it because all my friends were there. I did it because I needed to. Did I really come to be dependable on them? I go against everything my mind’s telling me to do and ask Evan, “Can I keep the rest of these?”

***Do you think this made Evan like her more? Jack like her less? I just want all of you to know that I do not approve of smoking and highly DO NOT recommend it. It just happens to play a part in my story. Sorry about it being a late post but I have been working none stop and im just getting home. Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***
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R e m e m b e r M e . **Chapter 13** I pull into the park and

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