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Concrete Angel:
A Child Abuse Story.
Chapter 3

I sit there on the floor staring at Jake, feeling tears streaking down my face, wiping away some of the fizzy chemical mix. "No," I say, "I'm sorry." He holds out his hand for me to help me get up.

"It's okay. We should probably go clean up the science room, though." He smiles uncomfortably, and walks into the room. 

We clean, as told, until we're late for our next class. "I'll write you two passes. You're gonna stay here until all of this is cleaned up!" Mr. Kewer snaps. That's right, there is no second period chemistry class.

"But it's the first class of this semester!" Jake debates, "It's really important, we can't miss it!" He's right. The first classes are always very valuable

"That's too bad for you then. Go!" Mr. Kewer barks. He hands us each passes to get out of our next class and points too the hall.

I jog to my next class, explain the situation, and walk back to the chemistry lab. Jake is already there. "Now, both of you will serve in a Saturday detention, and I'm calling your parents." Mr. Kewer says.

Panic sends cold shivers up my spine. If my dad finds out, he'll hurt both me and Joy for sure. "Please, don't, my dad is um...er...very b-busy." I lie, uneasily. But Mr. Kewer just hands us cleaning supplies and walks out of the room.

Jake turns to me with an accusing expression. "I can't belive you, Amber. One less damn tablespoon
and none of this would be happening!"

The tears well up again, but I hold them back, knowing if I let them fall, I'll explode. "I'm sorry." I choke out, the lump in my throat making it hard to speak. I turn to the beakers and clean them with a dusty rag.

We finish cleaning in silence, angry and ashamed with myself.
I do hate my life.

And I hate that no one knows my story.

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