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R e m e m b e r  M e .
**Chapter 11**
“Yes” I say smiling ear to ear. He smiles too and kisses me. We are sitting on the front steps. Then, Ashley steps out. “Sadie, are you ready – What is going on here?” She looks confused. “Yeah, I’m ready” I say still smiling. I quickly give Evan a peck on the lips and get up. “I’ll call you later” He yells after me as I get into Ashley’s car. I smile and wave and blow him a kiss. “Evan and I are dating again” I blurt to Ashley barely holding it in as we cruise down the road. “What?!” She sounds surprised as she whips her head to look at me. I blush and shake my head ‘yes’.
I’m home now after 20 questions from Ashley and then I immediately jump in the shower. Once I come out I just put on some yoga pant shorts and a tank top. I comb my hair into a messy bun and wrap a headband around my hair. I walk down the stairs to be welcomed with a glare from my mother. “Were you really sleeping at Ashley’s last night, Sadie? Or were you at Evan’s house?” She asks. “I did not sleep at Evan’s mom! How dare you accuse me of that?” I reply. “Well were you at Ashley’s or somewhere else? Please be honest with me, Sadie” She asks sincerely. I couldn’t tell her the truth. “Yes, I was at Ashley’s” I lie. She just shakes her head slowly looking disappointed in me and walks away. How would they know if I was there or not? Oh well. “Mom, I’m going out! Be home later.” I yell to her as I walk out the door grabbing my keys. I get into my car and have no idea where to go. I just really didn’t want to be there. I decided to drive to the park. I got out of my car and sat down on the park’s swing set. I used to love the swings. Evan and I used to meet up at the park to hang out and I would always go to the swings. He would push me. Evan and I had great times together. Well, before the whole Julia situation. I must have spaced out from reminiscing because I didn’t snap out of it until I felt someone pushing me on the swing. I turn my head to see Jack, “Hey” I say to him.  He says, “Hi” back to me. “I heard that you and Evan are dating again” he adds as he sits on the swing next to me. I slow myself down to almost a stop so we are both just sitting there dangling next to each other. “Yeah” I finally reply. “Well aren’t you just a stupid girl” He says seriously. “Excuse me?” I sass. “You had a good thing starting right in front of your eyes and you give it all away just to get back with your old d/uchebag ex-boyfriend that probably doesn’t give two sh/ts about you or your feelings” He yells angrily. “Once again, excuse me?” I reply. “You heard everything I said” He whispers. “He has changed! He promised!”
“Well, in 8th grade he also promised to be faithful when he asked you out, but he isn’t the type that keeps his promises now is he Sadie?” He snaps as he gets off the swing and starts to walk away. “Where are you going?” I call after him. He doesn’t answer and he leaves me there. He gets into his car and speeds off down the road leaving a rubber tire strip on the street. That long black strip symbolizing his anger at me. What have I done? I lost a friend.

***How does her Mom know? What about Evan and Sadie’s relationship? Opinion on how Jack told Sadie his thoughts? Will Jack and Sadie ever be friends again or more? Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***
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R e m e m b e r M e . **Chapter 11** “Yes” I say

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Ultimate_Cookie_Monster · 9 years ago
I think Jack had a right to be angry, considering Sadie was acting like she liked him. But in a way I think he overreacted. I mean, she's happy and if he was a good friend, he would be genuinely happy for her.
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