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I Know My Childhood  Will be Over
 when Phineas and Ferb go back to school , and Candace finally busts them


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I Know My Childhood Will be Over when Phineas and Ferb go back

214 faves · 4 comments · Jul 31, 2012 2:42pm






kenefucy4321 · 7 years ago
It's kinda more like my life will be over... That's my favorite show on Disney. :D
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carisaismyname · 7 years ago
Its not really your childhood . It came out about 2-3 years ago .
If your like , 9 then mabey .
But then you would be 6 so that wouldnt be your childhood. O_O
I get what your saying though ,.

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TurtleRawr · 7 years ago
If that was your childhood... :/
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oakley · 7 years ago
wait she actually did bust them one episode but then something happened or they went back in time or something idk
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