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Dear Boy,
I don't know who you are, or when we'll meet, i just hope we do so soon. I pray that you will love me for me, and not compare me to any girls who are prettier, skinnier or more fun. i hope that you will remember that play soccer, not lacrosse and that my eyes aren't blue, they're a dark hazel. Please know that i may be shy at first, but don't be afraid to kiss me, i'm sure your kisses will be perfect. I don't cry easily, but if I cry, it must be because I am going through a rough time, just hold me close. I hope you don't think I'm asking too much of you, I'm just nervous and a little scared. Every relationship is like a new game of cards, and well, I've never been very good at cards. I promise to love you forever



P.S. If you read this whole thing, you just became my favorite person in the world. <3

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Dear Boy, I don't know who you are, or when we'll meet,

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