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is it really wrong to want to be pregnant and have a baby? I'm such a screw up, I'm legitimately stupid, I don't have a smart bone in my body and it seems like I have no hope of ever being better. I feel like having a baby would be the best thing I could do for this screwed up world, maybe my child would turn out better and bring something to the world. Maybe my child would love me even though I'm not perfect, maybe having a baby is the only good thing I could do in my life.. 
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is it really wrong to want to be pregnant and have a baby? I'm

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brownbratada · 7 years ago
Hey babe!
How are you?
You are young and i couldnt help but notice that is very sad that you think like that .. that you are a screw up :(
I'm sorry if people are making you think like that or even letting you think that.
You are beautiful and pretty legit :) You are special in your own way and you hold a special place in someones life.
Sure, you havent met them but babe if you think this world is harsh for you how can you let your little babe grow up here? Like this... Before you take that step you need to make this place a better place to live, to grow up so he will be proud of you and so that you can be a great mother.
You are perfect in your own way.. you just need to love yourself and know that there is people out there that care.
You just need to find the right people and not let the wrong ones affect you.
I m sure i dont make any sense right now but babe, Think about it.
I will always be here if you want to talk.
Much love. <3
TC and Be Wise!
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