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R e m e m b e r  M e .

“Bye Aunt Sharon, Bye Uncle John!” I yell as I walk towards the entry way to board my plan. I hand the woman my ticket and finally board on to the plane. I get a window seat and stare out at the view. “Goodbye New York” I whisper softly to myself. Finally it’s time for the plane to take off. Shortly after, I fall asleep. I wake up to the announcer’s voice over the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to Lansing, Michigan!” Then followed a bop of noise from where she hung up the intercom. Finally I’m home, well almost. I get off the plane and get my luggage. “Sadie!” I hear someone yell my name. I look all around until I recognize a familiar face. It’s Ashley, my best friend from home. She runs up and greets me with a hug, then follows my mother, father, and little brother Andrew. I hug them all and we all are smiling. My family grabs my bags to bring to the car, leaving Ashley and I standing there. We were chatting then started to move towards the exit. “Hey Sadie” I heard a deep voice. I look up to see an oddly strange yet familiar face. He’s wearing a pair of black jeans and a black leather jacket. “Remember me?” He says with a sexy half smirk.

***Hey everyone! This is my new story. I hope you all will read and enjoy it!! This is just the prologue, that's why it's so short. Fave if you read! Thank you! -lamusicaesmivida***
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R e m e m b e r M e . **Prologue** “Bye Aunt Sharon, Bye

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Do you notify people? If you can, please notify me ♥
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i like it. (:
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Will you notify me when you upload the next chapter please? I really like what you have so far. :)
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