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Second Chance //

Chapter 35

"What are you doing here?" I questioned.
"Wait, is Melissa- my step sister?" Katy asked, looking like she's afraid of hearing the answer.
"Katy, Melissa and Rose are your step sisters." my dad replied.
"What?! I have to live with MELISSA?!" Katy screamed.
I was so shocked of what's going on right now, that I didn't say anything.

"Okay, it's obvious that you and Melissa know each other. But can you two try to get along? I know it's weird right now, but things will get better. I promise." Suzan said.
Katy was silent. She's probably just as shocked as I am.
"Hey, how about we all get to know each other more?" my dad suggested.
Katy and I were both silent. "I'll go first!" Rose volunteered.

Rose started talking really fast saying as much as she can about herself.
"Okay, who wants to go next?" Suzan asked.
"There is no way that I'm going to be living here, especially with Melissa!" Katy shouted.
"Katy, please-" I tried.
"Shut it goodie goodie. I am NOT your sister. And I never will be! What will all of the kids at school think?!" Katy screamed at me. She turned and stormed up the stairs and I heard a slam after that.
"Melissa, I know that Katy-"
I took Rose's hand and ran to the door.

"Where are you going?!" my dad screamed, running after me.
"I'm taking Rose to Lily's house. Then I'm going to go to Bonnie's house!" I told him, not stopping.
I didn't even care that it was raining outside. I just had to get out of the house.
I went straight to the Knight's house, and knocked on the door.
"What are you girls doing?! You girls could've catched a cold!" Mrs. Knight mentioned.
"Can I leave Rose here for a few hours?" I asked.
"Of course!" Mrs. Knight took Rose inside their house.
"Thank you"
"Do you want me to call Brett down?" Mrs. Knight asked.
"No, it's okay. I better get going now." I told her.

I turned away from the house, and returning to the rain. I passed by my new home, hearing my dad and Suzan arguing. No, this was happening again! My mother, and dad, constantly fighting. It's happening again! It's like the world never wants me to be happy. Tears were streaming down my face.
I needed to go to a place where no one else is at. The park. No one is at the park when it's raining.

I walked to the park and sat down at the bench, continuing to let out all of my tears.
There's only 3 people that I feel true love for. Rose, my mother, and Brett. I will do ANYTHING to protect Rose. She's like daughter. My mother always loved and cared for me. She's my hero. Brett, he's handsome, smart, funny, and he understands me.
"Mom, I wish you were here." I whispered.

"Where were you? Why are you late?" my mom spat.
My dad hit the table with his fist, making me jump. "I'm late, get over it."
"You have been late for a month now! You were suppose to be home everyday at 6, but you always come back late! I HAD ENOUGH!" my mom screamed.
"Don't talk that way to me!" my dad yelled back, becoming angry.
"Melissa, go to your room." my mom ordered.
"Did I do something?" I asked, confused.
"No. Just go to your room Melissa." my dad directed. I walked up the stairs, pretending to go to my room. But instead, I sat at the stairs out of sight, listening to my parent's conversation.
"I had just about enough your cr/p Derek! Do you care about Melissa or the baby at all?! Or do you only care about your "job"?" my mom asked, air quoting the word job.
"Why are you air quoting when you said job?" my dad questioned.
"I'm not stupid Derek! I know what's going on!"
"That's it. I don't want to be treated like this. I'm out of here!" my dad yelled, getting his suitcase, and then bursting out the door.
"Fine! You think I care?! Have your stupid wedding ring back!" My mom screamed, throwing the wedding ring at him.
"Mommy, where is daddy going?" I asked her.

"For now on, it's going to be just you, Rose, and I. Daddy isn't coming back." my mother said, with tears on her eyes.

I sat at the bench for a few minutes until a few minutes turned to an hour and a half. I was just sitting there, thinking of my past, while crying.
"Hey." I heard.

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Second Chance // Chapter 35 "What are you doing here?"

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xoaimeeox2730 · 9 years ago
Oh my god they made up! Thats so cute!♥ And oh my god Brett and Melissa are adorable. He came after her in the rain, and gave her his jacket! Ahh excuse me while I go cry in the corner about how perfect they are! ♥ Please keep notifying! :)
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Worlds1stpupfan · 9 years ago
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