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~ Please read til the end ~
It'll mean so much to me. I've struggled with this for years now and I don't know what to do. Who should I go to for help?

Have you ever felt like this life wasn't destined for you? Like you were meant to be like the main character in a movie: once in a lifetime. Some sort of miracle even. You were meant to be special. But there was only so much you could do in reality. In truth, the only fun people ever get is going out and doing drugs. Partying. Whatever. 

No that isn't me at all. I feel like I was destined for more.

And so my obsession began. 

Please don't laugh. This is all 100% true

Terra- I watched Teen Titans when I was little, but I never understood Terra's character or anything at all about her. So one day I looked it up. I saw the first episode she ever appeared in, and by the end, I had shivers up my spine. I still remember them. I swear it. I thought she was just like me. So I got hooked. I saw every episode with even the slightest mention of her name, I understood completely. And now I've realized how goddammed stupid I've been all this time, because I actually convinced myself that one day out of the blue, I'll get superpowers. That I'll be just like her. That I am her.

And so it began. With every depressing moment in my life, or every resurfacing of my depressing and lonely past, I became suicidal. I wanted to go psycho and punch the wall and kick and scream, and I felt that one day, my eyes will light up and my superpowers will take control like Terra's superpowers did to her. Every time I felt depressed, her dammed memory seeps into my brain. I calm down. I relax. I have hope to carry on again to see new days. And my trust in her deepens. It's like I gave my soul to her. 

But when I'm not a teenager anymore, or when I finally get the idea that superpowers are not f*ckng real, I'll be depressed again, and my depression would probably be worse then it's ever been.

I know. It all sounds like some My Strange Addiction episode, but there's more. A lot more. She's started appearing in my dreams and people say I look/remind them of her too. I get so angry and jealus whenever I see someone who looks more like her than I do (even though I have brown hair and brown eyes).

TRUST ME. I could ramble on and on for days about this topic. Who should I see? Would a therapist help, or do I need any special pills or anything?
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~ Please read til the end ~ It'll mean so much to me. I've

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mirandarocks1998 · 8 years ago
I think you should try to see a therapist. But, I kinda do have the same issue. Like I am obsessed with Eleanor Calder even though you probably don't know who that is. It's like I need to be her. I even dyed my hair and started dressing like her and thinking " What would Eleanor do" I also get like strangely jealous of people when they look like her. I don't even know it's just weird and I can't explain it. Like people think i'm crazy for being obsessed with her.
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