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I'm looking for advice from anyone who sees this. I'm not looking for a specific answer. Just voice your opinion. Thank you :3 

Okay this happened a long time ago (in the past school year) but I never understood what it meant. So, one day, I was in a crappy-ish mood. So I guess when I got to school I looked all grumpy (or numb, idk) but when I got there and sat down, there were two girls. They weren't together. I never even saw them talk before. But when I sat down, they STARED at me. They were just like :O. Exactly like that. I felt like I scared them somehow and I wanted to hide... But when I told my friends that and asked what it meant, they said "Don't let the haters get to you." WHAAAAH? I don't know... it makes no sense to me. What do you think their looks meant? 

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I'm looking for advice from anyone who sees this. I'm

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cashu28 · 7 years ago
mabe they were joking bc they were wierd and wanted 2b wierded out like they r
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The_unknown_SkyBlu · 7 years ago
Maybe you were absolutely stunning, and they were jealous of you :)
That's the most likely, girlie.
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mirandarocks1998 · 7 years ago
There are a few answers. They probably thought you looked grumpy and were shocked about it. Or maybe they heard a rumor about you. They could have also maybe have seen something behind you that was creepy.
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