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Second Chance //

Chapter 24

"Las Vegas?!' I whispered in a yelly tone.
Brett nodded. "Yes. Now shush before you wake up the girls."
I turned my head to see that Rose and Lily were sleeping. 
"But it's almost a 9 hour drive!" I whispered.
"So? You want to see your dad, don't you?"
"Of course."
"Then we're going."
"But it's going to waste your time, your gas, and plus, your parents are gonna kill you!"
"Relax Melissa, I don't mind. And my parents probably won't kill me. We're going to be in Las Vegas around 4:00 PM. We probably can spend the night there and then tomorrow, we can head back home." Brett explained.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.
"Yes, I'm 100% sure."
The girls finally woke up. It was 10:34 AM.
"Are we at home yet?" Lily asked.
"Actually, change of plans. We're not going home." I told her.
"Where are we going?" Rose asked.
"It's a surprise." I told them.
"Aww, please tell us!" the girls begged. The girls did the puppy dog eyes.
"Melissa, fight their cuteness." Brett put one of his hands over my eyes while his other hand on the wheel.
The girls and I laughed.
"Brett both hands on the wheel!" I directed.
"Yes, mother." Brett put both of his hands on the wheel.
It was now 11:57. "I'm hungry." Lily complained.
"Me too." Rose chimed in.
"Okay, let's stop at McDonalds." I told Brett.
Brett nodded and drove to the nearest McDonalds. When we got there, we also noticed a 7-eleven next to McDonalds.  "Okay, how about I get burgers for all of us at McDonalds, while you take the girls to 7-eleven?" Brett suggested.
"Make sure mine's is vegetarian." I informed.
 Brett nodded and went to McDonalds while I took the girls to 7-eleven. "Okay girls, you can get whatever you want." I told them.
The girls ran off to grab some candy. I went to the slurpee machine and got myself a medium sized cup. I decided to get Brett one too. After a few minutes, Brett came to 7-eleven after he got our burgers. 
"Hell yes, a slurpee is what I need right now." Brett said as he took his cup of slurpee.
"Push!" I heard.
Rose and Lily were pushing a huge teddy bear towards us. It was like 2 times their size! My eyes widen.
"Can we get the huge teddy bear? Please?" Rose and Lily begged.
"How much?" Brett asked.
"$30 dollars." Lily replied. Rose and Lily did the puppy dog eyes again.
"Fine." Brett said, defeated. Brett got out his wallet.
"Thank you thank you!" both of the girls squealed, hugging Brett.
"If you girls keep doing the puppy dog eyes, I'm gonna be broke." Brett complained.
 "Since you girls are gonna get the huge teddy bear, no candy for you girls." I told them.
"Aww." they whined.
"We have got to stop spoiling the girls." Brett mentioned.
We went to the cashier and paid for all of our stuff before going back in Brett's car. The girls sat with the huge teddy bear between them.
Brett drove back to the highway. "An accident is up ahead." Brett informed.
"Brett, are you sure you don't want to go back home?" I asked him.
"For the 100th time, yes I'm sure. Melissa, shut up and get comfortable." Brett ordered.
I turned my head to see the girls asleep, again. I started to feel a little, tired. After all, I did wake up early.
"I think I'm going to take a nap." I told Brett. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep...

"Did you have a good sleep gorgeous?" Brett asked as I woke up.
"It was an okay nap." I blushed.
"Melissa, there's something you should know." Brett said, sounding serious.
"Yes?" I asked, all the sudden feeling nervous.
"I... I like you, a lot." Before I knew it, a soft pair of lips were on mines. Then,

I woke up.

My head shot up, hitting the ceiling.
"What's wrong? Had a bad dream?" Brett asked.
"Yeah." I lied. It was the best dream I ever had. The dream, felt so real. I moved my hands to my lips, tracing the outline of my lips. It had a tingly sensation.

 There WAS gonna be something else in the chapter that i think is gonna make you guys happy, but stupid witty says that my quote is too long -.- i guess you have to wait for the next chapter. Comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. 50+ faves for the next chapter? (:

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Second Chance // Chapter 24 "Las Vegas?!' I whispered

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