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Upside Down Love
Chapter Four 
~Emmett's Point Of View~
I watched her walk into the classroom, she was as gorgeous as ever. I could fell the butterflies in my stomach again, it happens whenever I look at her. Oh no, she's sitting next to me, I haven't had a conversation with her in years.. what do I say? "Hey Rach," ugh I really just called her Rach? "I didn't think you'd sit next to me." GREAT! Now I'm stuttering.. I wonder what she ever saw in me..
"Of course, why wouldn't I?" she smiled, with those beautiful teeth and that gorgeous smile, her lips looked so beautiful with that red lipstick. SNAP OUT OF IT EMMETT.  
"Because you haven't really talked to me since I broke up with you in sexth grade." wrong thing to say, I looked away quickly, I didn't want to see her reaction, oh I was so stupid for breaking up with her, I love her more than Anthony ever will... I just want her to know that.. 

"Just because you broke up with me doesn't mean I hate you,
you know. I've moved on, I've been dating Anthony for the past seven years." She yelled, she hadn't been this angry since the day I broke up with her.
Now I know why she's with Anthony, he makes her so much happier for some reason. I just want to tell her that I could do so much more for her than Anthony ever could... And tonight, that's what I'm going to do...

tell me what you guys think, i wanted to leave you wanting more
SHOUTOUT to deefw427 she's gonna be helping me write this story on my account. ~~Fave/Follow/Comment

Credit: GreenDinosaurFormats

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Upside Down Love Chapter Four ~Emmett's Point Of View~ I

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