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Upside Down Love
Chapter One

How do I start this story? The story of how this year happened.. well.. I could start it as once upon a time.. it suits this story becuse it's used in fairy tales.. and that's what my life was.. a fairy tale.. until everything happened.. things are still okay.. just different.. but different dosen't mean bad.. well... where do I start? Well.. how about at the start of this year.. my life was perfect.. I had my best friend, my captin of the football team boyfriend, that every chick wants, and the all took place from the first step I took into that school as a senior.. all my years at East Ridge High had been everything all the chicks wanted.. a 4.0, a hot boy, a nice body, everything, now...looking back.. it was no way to live.. I'm a lot happier now.. after all the stuff that happened this year.. head spot on the chearleading squad.. I saw my boyfriend, Anthony. Chilling by my locker with my best friend Staci and her boyfriend, Dillion.. they were making out.. I said Hi to Staci and Dillion, and they broke it up, her hair looking somewhat, tousled.. she quickly fixed it, and I greeted Anthony with a kiss, he kissed me back and asked me how my summer had been.. I told him it was fine, except I had missed him while he had been away at football camp.
Staci and I walked off to class talking about our summer, and we saw my neighbor Emmett smoking a cigarette."Hey Emmett? Can I bum one?" I asked
"EW you smoke?" Staci said, clearly shocked.. that's what she gets from chilling with her boyfriend, instead of me all summer..

"Yeah.. not much, just a drag here and there." I told her.

"I have to head to class." she told me. I said bye and headed off to my first period history class..the teacher, Mrs. Barberry told me I was 2 minutes late and for that i had detention hall. Like I was actually doing that. After school I drove home and nobody was there.. odd.. oh well. They'll be home later.. they didn't come home later.. "Where are they?" I wondered, then went to bed, hoping they'd be back by the time the sun rose.


Credit: GreenDinosaurFormats

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Upside Down Love Chapter One How do I start this story? The story

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