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It all started seven years ago when I was 15. But before that, when I was actually a kid,as in seven or eight, my mom had told me never to fear of things that lived in the dark. Because at my age, her greatest fear had been the dark, but she had reasons behind that fear. My name is Tabby, short for Tabitha. I lived with my seven brothers and sisters, including my twin sister Cat, short for Catrina. My youngest sister is named Hadie, and unfortunately she had taken after my mom. She's more of the outcast in the family. None of the other kids will play with her, or even look her way. Some believed she was destined for bad luck, others on the other-hand, just didn't like her in general. She was only six years old. She was breath-takingly gorgeous, and really short for her age. She had bright blonde hair and the brightest sky blue eyes. To this day I have never seen brighter. Before her seventh birthday my mom sent her to "get help". She had told my mom that there were voices in her head telling her to do unpeakable things that no six year old would think of doing. Sometimes it had been killing, other times it had been just hurting people. After seeing Hadie one last time, I had never seen her again. My mom and dad had told us that she had an astha attack in her sleep, but later I found out she had died from strangulation. By who? We haven't figured out. By what? I'm starting to wonder. One by one my family dwindled down to nothing. Soon, I was the only one left to face the most horrible, terrible days of my life. Whether you believe in him or not, this was Satan's doing, and once he's started.. Only God knows when he will stop.

Tip: Hadie is pronounced "Hay-dee" Not "Had-dee" (: & It only gets better! This is the beginning so it's going to be sort of boring- more explaining things to you so in the story you understand more.
You can comment on here or on my profile if you would like a reminder & I'll add your name to the list! Thanks so much for reading, and if you liked it thank you that much more♥

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TheDevilMurderedMe. Introduction It all started seven years ago

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xxUntoldXXSecretsxx · 9 years ago
Notify me, your story grabbed my interest from the beginning.
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JustBravo · 9 years ago
notify me please
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FabStories · 9 years ago
This is great. Augh. I'm in the dark at night in my bedroom...reading a scary story...but this is amazing. Notify. ❤
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BitchezBeTrippin · 9 years ago
oof. this is good. I LOVE stories like this<3
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lamusicaesmivida · 9 years ago
I read it!
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XxneoncookiexX · 9 years ago
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yourbeutiful__trustme · 9 years ago
this is good reminder please

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JustAnotherSocietyRuinedGirl · 9 years ago
woww this is really good..thanks for commenting story for story or else I would've never found this so far awesome story its going to be amazing
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Th£_Music_Fr£Ak❤* · 9 years ago
OMG!! i freakin LOVE this! this is gunna b an amazing story!
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Kitkat98 · 9 years ago
This is going to be an awesome story. I can tell. Keep it up! it's really good.
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AleveyiaMaieDay · 9 years ago
write more!
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rooftops* · 9 years ago
notify meee? (:
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