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My Twilight Love Story
Chapter 15: Ariel Returns
                We stayed in Forks for two more days, and when we finally got home, I went to my forest. I was admiring my flowers when I felt the presence of a vampire. I turned slowly expecting to see Victoria. Where are the wolves when you need them? I thought, annoyed. But when I turned around, I saw a huge surprise. It was Ariel standing there, not Victoria. I stood there for about three seconds before breaking into a sprint to hug her. She wrapped he stone arms around me and sat down. “How are you alive, Bella?” she questioned. I looked at her confused. “What do you mean how am I alive?” I asked. “I had a vision and I saw you jump off a cliff. You were drowning and the water was forcing you down! I didn’t see anybody else there! The only weird thing is that you were smiling like a lunatic! Why would you try to commit suicide? What about your family and friends? What about S-“ I cut her off before she could say his name. “I didn’t try to kill myself Ariel. I was cliff jumping with a friend. He was able to pull me out. I don’t know why I smiled so don’t ask. I guess your vision ended before Jer saved me.” I shrugged. “Who is Jer?” she asked suspiciously. “Jeremiah? He’s one of my best friends. I don’t have feelings for him that way, but I have no clue if he feels that way about me or not.” Her nose scrunched up when we heard a voice yell franticly, “Bella where are you?!” “By the flowers Jer!” I yelled back. Ariel stood up and placed herself in front of me protectively. I was confused at first but then I understood. Jeremiah was the enemy because he was a wolf. Jeremiah came into view and saw us standing together. “What’s going on Bella? Who is this?” he asked angrily. “This is Ariel, Seth’s sister. She’s my friend.” I told him calmly. “If she’s really your friend, then why is the redhead bloodsucker coming after you because of them? Huh?” he yelled. “Victoria is here?” Ariel said coldly. “Yeah. She’s been trying to kill me and the wolves have been chasing her off. No biggie.” I said. “No biggie? Bella this is serious! You should have told me this right away!” she said. She suddenly blanked out and looked at her with wide eyes as she had a vision. “By the way Bella, when I was at your house someone called and asked for your Mom. I told her she was at a funeral. That is where she is right?” he asked. “Yeah, one of her friends died. Who was it on the phone?” “I have no clue. When I told them, their end of the line disconnected or something. Then I came here.” “Weird.” I muttered. Just then, Ariel gasped. “NO! He can’t do this!” she said as she started panicking. “What happened? Ariel, what did you see?” I asked getting closer to her. “Rachel told Seth why I came to see your family. Then he called your house but the Mutt answered and told him what he just told you. Seth thinks you’re dead and is going to the Volturi to die as well.” She said. “NO! HE CAN’T KILL HIMSELF! IS HE CRAZY? WHAT IS HE THINKING?!”  I screamed. We made the plans to go to Italy to save him. I ran home and told my family a random story that they reluctantly accepted. Once I was packed we headed to the airport where my private yet was waiting to take us to Italy. Where I would save the love of my life from death.

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My Twilight Love Story Chapter 15: Ariel Returns We stayed in

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