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Girls Like me .

Chapter 16.

I woke up the next morning in the same clothes I had been in last night.  It seemed too late to shower when I had gotten home.
I slowly got out of bed, testing how it felt to put weight on my foot.  Today was supposed to be the day I got rid of my crutches.  My mom had already helped me take the stitches out a few days ago.
I let out a sigh of relief, feeling only a little pain when I stepped out of bed.  I then threw my crutches to the ground, heading over to my bathroom to take a shower.
I let the refreshing warm water rinse through my somewhat greasy hair, from not being washed in a day.  It felt good to be clean again.  I put on a pair of denim shorts and a loose pink halter top.
I hadn’t really made any plans yet, but I’m sure I could think of something that would totally screw with Jake’s emotions.  After getting dressed, I ran the blow dryer through my hair, letting it keep it’s natural wave, instead of straightening it.
“Bree!  You have a visitor!” My mom shouted up the steps.
“Uh, okay!  Send them up!” I said confused, wondering who would come here without giving me any heads up.
I finished up my makeup, waiting for the anonymous visitor to make it up to my room.
“Hey Bree.”  Jake smiled, opening up the door to my bedroom.
“Uh, hi Jake.” I smiled, shocked at the fact that he would just show up.  “W-what are you doing here?”
“Well, I just thought that I’d see if you wanted to do something today?  You know because of that kiss, and all..”
“Oh, yeah yeah, right.” I said, jogging my memory.  Clearly I hadn’t forgotten about it, but I knew that it hurt Jake to know that I hadn’t been thinking about it like he had been.
“We don’t have to if you don’t want to, I just thou-“
“No, of course I want to.” I smiled sweetly, grabbing my satchel.  “So, where are we going?”
“Well, I was thinking the movies?” Jake asked, showing me 2 movie tickets, as we headed out to his car.
“Sure.” I said calmly, sliding open my phone, preparing to send a message.
“Who could you possibly be texting?” Jake laughed, opening my car door for me.
“Oh, you know, just Jaycie and Zoe.” I lied, scrolling through my contact list.
“You’re still talking to Zoe after last night?” Jake gave me a questioning look.
I nodded, too involved in the message I was sending to form words.
“Hey! I’m back in town.(:  Movie in 20 minutes?” I typed, then clicked the send button on my phone.
I smiled deviously to myself, crossing my arms.
Little did Jake know,

   this would be more than a movie for two.
     boring chapter..sorrry.  Next one will be better (:  Fireworks tonight, so excited♥ Happy 3rd of July everyone ( : haha.  Character link is up on my profile, for those of you who were wondering.  I love you all, thanks for reading. ♥

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Girls Like me . Chapter 16. I woke up the next morning in the

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itbemelx25 · 9 years ago
Im...dying.... i...need...the....bext....chq)apter!!
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BeeautifulSoul12 · 9 years ago
The suspense is killing me !! D: please post the next chapter ! (:
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InspriationalQuotes · 9 years ago
Can you please read my story..It would mean the world if you fave it. Your my inspiration x ♥
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maaddiissoonn · 9 years ago
i keep re-reading this while i wait for the next chapter. ♥
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struckbylove123 · 9 years ago
Soo good(; hadn't been on in a while just read the last three I love this so much such a great story<3(:
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Chloeeee · 9 years ago
its not boring :o its amazinnnggg! :D
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Koalakicker · 9 years ago
this is so awesome as usual i cant get enough of it.
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katerox1 · 9 years ago
keep going miss inspiration :))) this is going to inspire so many girls
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Sweetgirl1998 · 9 years ago
This story is soo good, but you'r killing me ..can't wait for the next chapter !!
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gdaga122 · 9 years ago
i need to read the next chaoter im dying!
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LaurenStyles21 · 9 years ago
can't wait for the next chapter!!!
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StarAngel360 · 9 years ago
3rd of July?
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Love_stories · 9 years ago
pput it up today! i look up to your writing.... really... your the only good author left on witty. There are some good stories but most are just... idk... not as good as yours
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EdelLoveeYou · 9 years ago
notify me pleasee (: x
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xxalyssalovexx · 9 years ago
I can't wait for the next one. (:
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brianajb101 · 9 years ago
Omg. : ) This Is So Goood, Can You Notify Me When You Post Another Chapter ? Its Okay If You Cant Though !
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SkyBluexxx · 9 years ago
I can't wait for Jakey's reaction!
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lost dreamer* · 9 years ago
notify me pleasee (:
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XXWittyGirlXX · 9 years ago
mwhahaha.... jake will be pulverized...
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cropacuddles22 · 9 years ago
Soooo good I really get excited when I see another chapter of your's is up. Legit I get excited :) Thank you so much for all of this :) If you wouldn't mind notifying me. I remember you said you were stoping with the nptifs but I wasn't sure if you were doing them again because I saw comments that said notify so it's perfectly fine if you stopped. I understand, I'm writing a story and it does get exhausting :)
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