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~Chapter 24~

--- Months later ---
James and I are attending the same college. We officially decided that we want a baby. James and I conceive and nine months later I had our little boy, Joshua George McHaley. We gave him George as a middle name for James’ grandfather. Joshua goes to a daycare or spends the day at James or I’s parents’ houses during the day when we are in college. 2 years later James is graduating college and I have one more year. We decide we want another baby. Josh is 2 years old now and has been begging us for baby sibling. So James and I conceive another kid and nine months later I have a baby girl, Camille Anne McHaley. We named her Camille to always remember James’ sister and her middle name is Anne because that was James’ grandmother’s name. I finished out my last year of college and now James and I both have steady jobs. Josh is 3 years old and Camille is 1. Josh loves his baby sister. Camille’s first word was ‘Dadda’ just like Josh. Then ‘momma’. James and I are living a great life in that cabin. We even made a new sign for the old fish house that now says “Josh and Camille’s Fish House”. Then, the two kids can go out there when they’re older. I believe James is my soul mate. I am so much in love with him; I cant even believe it sometimes. James and I decided to stop at two kids. We will forever be together and I find it unbelievable that at 15 I met my soul mate and that at only 18 I would be married to him and at 22, I’d have two kids with him. Now James and I have the rest of our lives to watch our children grow and to grow old with each other. No matter how old we get; we will never stop loving each other. I found my true love.

The End. Sorry guys... The story had to end. I did the ending summary longer than originally planned. But, I will start a new story soon, so hopefully you'll read it!! Thanks and Sorry!
Sincerely, lamusicaesmivida

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Torment ~Chapter 24~ --- Months later --- James and I are attending

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ChaoticBeautyxo* · 9 years ago
You are an incredible author. I just spent half of my afternoon and part of the evening reading you stories. Throughout this one I saw you develop into a better author. Please, keep writing(:
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i_will_awake_down_the_line · 9 years ago
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