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That boy,

that makes you have your mind boggling, head spinning, heart throbbing, knees trembling, hands shaking, love feeling, sparks flying, lip biting, that connection, that intense feeling. You never want to stop, never want to let go. You have that feeling, that you were both meant to be. Smiling at each other, not caring who’s around, just wanting to be around each other all the time.  Him holding your face, pushing your hair aside and kissing you so passionately, you know that he loves you. You biting your lip, letting go and looking  straight in his eyes and telling him that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere in this whole world then right here.Him grabbing you by the waist and just holding you. Never wanting to let go. Taking long walks with each other, letting you know every single thing in your life because he told you that he doesn’t want to miss a thing because your he's everything, and he’s your everything. Your each other’s whole worlds.

                           YeahThat boy exists .
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That boy, that makes you have your mind boggling, head spinning,

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