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A few ways to make an aim conversation more interesting/funnier:
1. Start saying "omg omg omg omg omg" and wait for them to freak out and say "whats the matter?!" And then just say; hi.
2. Ask the person your talking to to write you a story.
3. Say; "I know what your doing." They'll say " how?" You reply: "I can see you through the window."
4. Tell them it spells like up dog in your room and theyll say "Whats up dog?" And you reply: "Nothing much.. just chillin.. you?
5. Tell them your brother/sister just fell down the stairs.
6. Say " I g2g my favorite show is on" They'll say "what show?" "Dora the explorer.. durr!"
7. Send a sad face and they'll ask why you are sad, you reply: "cuz i just looked at a picture of your face! :("
8. Send random drawings. For example: 
() ()
(uu)O and say "Look! It's a bunny!"

9. Keep changing your font color.
10. Send red, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then purple, then pink, and tell them its a rainbow.
11. Tell them you are moving to Anarctica so they can have your ipod.
12. Send kissy faces even if it is a girl and say "I loveeee yoouuu (: <333"
13. Write random stuff (fajfsaighaigksnaoahg for example) and then tell them your cat jumped on the keyboard.
14. Tell them you g2g because its time for dinner at 3:00.
15. Get quotes off witty and keep sending them randomly.
16. On your away message/status write random stuff about the person you are talking to.
17. Erase your profile and on it write your friends name at the top instead of yours; [_____'s buddy info] and then write a bunch of weird stuff under it.
18. Start bursting out in song.

19. Say you have to go because it is time for your anger management class and then when they say okay bye or lol flip out at them.
20. Tell them you just made a new screename its: I hAtE _____ [<-- their name]
21. Ignore them for awhile.
22. Write in one of the symbol fonts
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A few ways to make an aim conversation more interesting/funnier:

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montynator · 1 decade ago

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montynator · 1 decade ago
ya delete my friends qoute and appologizeto her
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Cookie_ninja_xo · 1 decade ago
umm ya i dont wanna be mean about this but this is mine!! You didnt give me ANY credit and thats so not cool. >:O could you give me credit or delete it or something??
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