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- C H A P T E R  T H R E E -
part 2



Without warning, his perfect body turned towards me. His perfect eyes looked down on me, his perfect hands holding a lunch tray. He gave his perfect hair a slight flick, and then his perfect lips started moving. Wait, his lips were moving? Was he TALKING to me? That snapped me out of it, and suddenly I was back on the Earth again, feeling the sharp jab of Serena's elbow in my ribs.

"I, ah...wh-what?" I stuttered. Idiot.

There it was again, his perfect lips moving. This time though, my ears registered the sound coming out of them. He was laughing. And his laugh was just as perfect as every other aspect of that strange boy, as was what came next: words.

"I saaaid, could you pass me a milk. Pleeeease," he pointed behind me, although I still didn't quite register what it was he wanted. I was too mesmerised by the way his tongue flicked across his lips as he slightly dragged out the sound of the vowels in every word. I stared some more, but this time in confusion.  He smiled down on me. It wasn't a genuine smile however, it was a smile that made me feel as though he was looking at the big neon sign on my forehead that read "I'm so stupid".

"Milk? You know, the white liquid that comes from cows? Behind you?" he raised one eyebrow and continued smiling. I could hear Serena and Rosalie either side of me, desperately trying to hold in their laughter.

I turned around, to see the small fridge on the bench, containing the milk cartons. Oh. Milk. I grabbed one and turned back around to see that he was now giving Serena a strange look.

"Here you go," I said. "Milk." Double idiot.

He turned his attention back to me and nodded. "Thanks, I'm glad to have helped you learn something new today. I'm Jay by the way."

"I know." Did I seriously just say that? Were those the words that came out of my mouth?

"And you are?" he raised an eyebrow again in amusement at my obvious lack of brain power.

"I'm..ummm.. I am, I mean, my name is-"

"Far out girl! Her name is Kaela, I am Serena, and that is Rosalie," Serena rolled her eyes at me. "Kaela's brain has appears to have left her body at the moment and floated off somewhere into space."

The next thing that happened could possibly have been the most embarrassing moment of my life.

"I can see. Maybe we'll try having another chat when she's… at a more intellectual level. Let me know when she gets past elementary school," and with that he gave a small wink, turned around, paid for his lunch and left.


I was no longer confused. I now knew exactly what was going on. I had a crush on this boy. A real, actual crush. None of this 'he's-rather-attractive-I'll-date-him-for-my-image' stuff. No, Jay was my first REAL crush. And I had just completely stuffed up our first ever conversation.

- Chapter Three, part 2!  I really love this chapter :)
For anyone who may not have read last chapters, 'Kaela' is pronounced 'Kay-ella'. 
I would LOVE feedback, and comments just on anything. Tell me if you love it, tell if you hate it, give me ways to improve.
Also, if you would like a notification for the next chapter, feel free to comment. Thanks guys -
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Imperfection. - C H A P T E R T H R E E - part 2 ------------------------

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mywitisgreaterthanyours · 9 years ago
<3 this! when can we expect the next addition??? Can I ask for a notification too? !! :)
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1Directionerx0 · 9 years ago
Can someone please explain to me why this story is absolutely AMAZING?! I'm seriously in love with it!
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firefliie · 9 years ago
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firefliie · 9 years ago
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Spanna · 9 years ago
Really Good Story caitlin <3

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