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- C H A P T E R  T H R E E -
part 1


Confusion. There comes at least one time in your life where the only emotion you feel is complete and utter confusion. Whether it's confusion about certain events, or confusion within yourself, you always come out of the situation more wise and observant than you were before. Either that or you stay confused, become an overly-confused person and never actually come to a conclusion or decision about said confusing situation.

It was lunch period the next day when I was starting to think this was going to be the case with me. No matter what I did, I couldn't get him out of my head. Over and over I played  in my mind that confusing scenario where a boy I had never met, a total stranger, walked through the door of my classroom and gave me a feeling that I had never felt before in my life.


Serena and I were sitting at our usual table, picking at the plate of ketchup-drenched french fries, when Rosalie came skipping over.

"So I heard you've got a thing for the new kid!" she was practically screaming with delight.

I didn't realise she was talking to me until Serena started laughing - the same laugh that snapped me out of the trance yesterday when I'd first seen Jay.

"Say it a little louder Rose, I don't think the whole school quite heard you, " Serena shook her head and immediately Rosalie's enthusiasm dropped, and she sunk down into her seat with one hand over her mouth.

I tried to say something to contradict what Rosalie had said, but Serena cut me off, "Honestly though Kay, he isn't THAT good looking! I don't know what's gotten into you - you aren't the type to go all giddy when a cute boy walks into the room."

I actually had no idea what to tell them. I didn't think I had a 'thing' for him. I'd never even spoken to him! I guess it would have made sense though, what I had been feeling was generally associated with the emotions caused by liking someone… or so that's what people had told me. I've had boyfriends before, but none of them had ever made me feel like this.

"Kaela!" Serena hissed in my ear, "there he is!"
I turned my head in the direction she was looking. Rosalie gave a little squeal, and pulled me up from my chair, whispering something about this being my chance and I vaguely heard both her and Serena giggling and murmuring some sort directions in my ears. I however  had completely zoned out of the conversation the second I had laid eyes on Jay.

He was walking, in all his perfect-ness, up to the line of people waiting to get their food. I some how managed to end up behind him in the line, which probably had more to do with Serena and Rosalie than me consciously walking over there. Because at that moment, I could feel absolutely nothing. It was like my whole body had just gone numb, and my brain had decided to cease all thought processes. Once again, I had no idea what was happening.



- Chapter Three!  It's quite long, so I had to splt it in two because Witty was like NOOOOO!
For anyone who may not have read last chapters, 'Kaela' is pronounced 'Kay-ella'. 
I would LOVE feedback, and comments just on anything. Tell me if you love it, tell if you hate it, give me ways to improve.
Also, if you would like a notification for the next chapter, feel free to comment. Thanks guys -
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