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GreenMariLoves · 9 years ago
wow ok let me tell you matthew is alot like my first boyfriend basically only difference he went out with another girl for sure. Trust me dont put him in your life anymore he hurts you, and that NOT the definion of boyfriend not is it. Adam is trying to protect you, maybe because he thinks of you like a sister or a crush? anyway matthew breakup with him get him out of your life hes a no good highly disrespectful, mean-old jerk face and a beautiful girl like you shoukldnt be going thu this. Stay Strong and you WILL get thru this i promise. you will find that HIM that you need <3
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itiaax* · 9 years ago
This is just ridiculous. He's such a manipulative, disgusting, disrespectful jerk. If you have a best friend, who has been there with and for you through thick and thin, I think he needs to realize that. Maybe he's (Matthew) is just a little too insecure. But then, if he treated you like he's supposed to, then he wouldn't have any need to be. Adam, he's only trying to protect you from this jerk. He's definitely right. I wished he'd knock Matthew's teeth down his throat for you. He's just one of the types of boys that every girl on this planet needs.

I think you should really break up with him. For real. First he dumped you, then flirted with your friends. You got back with him, and he's still that insecure, disgusting . You should just leave him for good. He seriously doesn't deserve you or any single part of you. I know Adam is very far away from you, but hear me out, if it's meant to be and if you love him, it will find a way. Distance is just a number when two people are really in love. So forget about the distance for now, one day you'll be close to each other. Remember: It’s better to love someone who’s far and craves to be with you than to love someone who’s near yet doesn’t even care to see you. This sorta relates to you. Adam, he's far away, but he's doing everything in his effort, no matter how far he is, to make sure that you don't get hurt and than you're happy. Matthew, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

Think about it.
Stay strong <3
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*한숨** · 9 years ago
Matthew seems like even more of a jerk than I thought... You honestly dont deserve all this.
You dont have to go out with Adam, because obviously you have a great friendship, but like I said- Matthew will only make you unhappy. Adam seems much sweeter, and even if you dont go out with him, I think he would make you happier:) Matthew really doesnt deserve someone as kind and beautiful as you.
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typicalteengirl · 9 years ago
your beautiful. you don't deserve that crap at all.
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heysoulsister · 9 years ago
That's tough.. You could do so much better than Matthew, he really sounds like a jerk, don't waste your time on him! You and Adam have a friendship I could only dream of having with my friends, you really don't want to throw all that away, do you? Stay Strong beautiful!x
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Hopelesscrusher · 9 years ago
If that huge fight happened, he's not worth your time. Go for a guy that would stick up for you like Adam, I hope he get's to come over to where you live in a year
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Nixie · 9 years ago
Wow, you have alot going on... Your boyfriend doesn't seem very nice to me, Adam does seem nice, he sticks up for you and looks after you he's a good friend:) x
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