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Throw me a comment if you need some advice :)

Everyone has their problems. No one should have to face them alone.

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Throw me a comment if you need some advice :) Everyone has their

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knicole215 · 7 years ago
(continued) we have block scheduling so our schedules changed. we still had a class together, but he stopped talking to me. I got super frustrated by this, and went through a period where I tried forcing myself to get over him, which lasted about a month. my attempt to forget him failed miserably. it even seemed like I liked him even more. then, I started to pay attention again, and I started seeing what I believe are signs that he still likes me...and that's how it currently is now...help!! :S
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knicole215 · 7 years ago
this may make you regret posting this, but here goes: this guy talked to me everyday about the most random little things, and to this day I'm still not sure why. I ended up liking him. it seemed like he liked me too. then a rumor came through the mill that he thought I was ugly. my friends and I continued to analyze his behavior, and we figured he had only said that to cover up the fact that he liked me. we were 99.9% sure he did.
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