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Dream Come To Life
Chapter 2
Niall's POV

   Me and Liam are leaving the club, "So mate, did you get Noelle's number or anything?" I ask Liam. "Yeah man, I'm so happy right now. This night has been amazing." Liam replies. "Sweet! I'm happy for ya mate!" I say. As we are walking down the road since our hotel is just a few blocks away, she catches my eye. She is wearing black skinny jeans and a gray fitted T-shirt with snapshots of the letters L, O, V, E on the front. She has chin lenght blonde hair, and a beautiful smile on her face. She happens to turn and look at me for just a second, we make eye contact, and suddenly I get butterflies. The feeling is unreal. She smiles at me then looks away toward the ground and continues walking with her friends. "Niall?" Liam says, breaking my trance like state. "Uh..yeah..sorry.." I say. "Are you ok? You just stopped walking completely, almost like you were hypnotized. Then I noticed you were looking at a girl." He says. "Oh yeah, lad I don't know what came over me but it was something I haven't felt before. She was so beautiful." I say and look back and notice her walking away but then she looks back at me too. "Lad, I think you should go talk to her, what do you have to lose? Go for it mate." Liam says. "I'll be right back" I say as I start running toward her. 
   "Excuse me! Miss!" I shout as I approach her. She turns around in surprise, "Me?".  I smile as now I'm face to face with her. "Yes, you.Um, well I couldn't help but notice you, and I don't know how to say this without sounding stupid." I say nervously. "What is it? I'm sure it won't sound stupid!" She reassures me. "Well, when I saw you, you kinda...took my breathe away, then when we made eye contact I got those butterflies. It was a feeling I don't think I've felt before." I say, then I start blushing because of how dumb it sounds. "Awe, that's probably the cutest thing a guy has ever told me. To be honest, when we made eye contact, I got those butterflies and rush too." She says back shyly, as she starts to blush. "Really? That's great, um, well I don't want to hold you up and I actually have to go, but would you mind if I asked for your number maybe?" I ask. "Usually I wouldn't give my number out to strangers,......but I feel like if I don't give you my number, then that may just be my biggest regret. So yes." She replies with a big smile on her face. She writes down her number and hands it to me. "Thank you, oh and I almost forgot, I'm Niall." I say and extend my hand. "Hi, I'm Haley." She takes my hand and shakes it. "Well I should be on my way, It was absolutely lovely to meet you, I will text later, goodbye Haley." I say and begin to walk away. "Bye Niall it was great to meet you as well." 
    "So mate, how'd things go?" Liam asks, "Well I got her number!" I say with a big grin on my face. "Really thats great!" He says then congratulates me. When were back in our rooms I get my phone and text Haley "Hey Haley, It's Niall, it was amazing to meet you tonight.:)". I get a text back not long after, "Hey :) It was amazing to meet you as well tonight." I smile wide while reading her message. "I should be getting to bed, but I think I have the day off tomorrow, could we hang out possibly? If you aren't busy of course." I get a new text, "I would love to, can't wait. :)" "Great, well I will see you tomorrow then, goodnight beautiful. X" New text. "Awe, see you tomorrow, night handsome. :) x" I have never smiled so much before going to sleep before in my life. I couldn't wait for the next day to come. 
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Dream Come To Life Chapter 2 Niall's POV Me and Liam are

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onlyboyonthissite · 7 years ago
hey. great Q. im sorry but my A might take a while.. i have 13 Qs waiting on me now. :P but ill notify u when finished!

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hyper4life · 7 years ago
im really confused, is this me? cause my name is spelt Hayley...and i know im in your story ahaha lmao
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lynnsweets143 · 7 years ago
so goodddd :)
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ImRightHere · 7 years ago
i love it your a good writer
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