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I'm leaving.
I'm leaving witty. I don't know if I'll go back on or if I'm really leaving for good, but yeah. Basically, I'm leaving. I wanted to say that I love every one of you. The people I have met on here are the best, and I would love to stay in touch with them. Shoutout to:
ale0122, my best friend ever.
katesmiles, who always makes me laugh.
xEmmax, who is super sweet.
CamiTheBaconator, because I just love her.
Bernice123, who is awesome.
SydneyIsTheName, who left, but was like a big sister.
Steve, who created this site and is wonderful.
 and to everyone else I didn't mention whom I also love.
Here is why I'm leaving here:
1. Witty has changed. Even though I've been on for less than a year, people and quotes just aren't original, or what they used to be. Too much drama and stuff I don't care about.
2. I've grown apart from witty. I love it here and everything, but I have other things to do with my life, too. I have friends, and family, and school, and it's just too much. I want to focus on school and my non internet life for awhile.
3. Every "witty famous" person is leaving, and it's not the same without them.(No, I'm not leaving because everyone else is, okay?)
I love you all. I don't know If I'll go on again, or if this is for good. But for now, I'm gonna focus on getting good grades, because these are the grades that get me into highschool. So, I need to get those up.

Alejandra, I love you. You've listened to all my crap and given me the BEST advice ever. I couldn't thank you more. I really don't want to leave you, babe, but I can't anymore. I'm gonna cry as I'm writing this. I can sit here and write 92738524 paragraphs on how amazing you've been. Let's keep in touch, SSCLLC 5eva xoxo love yewww♥

Kate, omg. You're hilarious and awesome. You give me awesome advice and I can't believe I'm never gonna talk to you again. We need to stay in touch even if it's by a carrier pigeon. Love yaahhh ♥

Emma, you're wonderful. We can tell each other whatever. You're like a little sister<3 Haha. Love you babe. We need to trade #'s or something lol ♥

Cami, I hope you're doing well with your boyfriend and that boy. I hope you are doing fine. I just love you, okay? Yoou give awesome advice. Never lose touch with me, okay?♥

Bernice, you're so awesome. I hope your math teacher stubs his toe on a rock. And breaks his toenail. Good luck with everything and Stephen Hobbs, love ya.♥

Sydney, my big sister. I love you. Good hopes with everything that you do. I hope I can talk to you again sometimes. Have a nice life baby♥

Steve, you're amazing. For making this site and keeping up with all our girl stuff, you're so strong. Thank you, soooooo much. I'll miss ya.♥

I'm crying, witty. I'm so sorry. Goodbyee ♥

Stay strong and I love you.
xoxo ~ Sydney/sydissic.(:


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I'm leaving. I'm leaving witty. I don't know if I'll

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grownsimba · 1 decade ago
you should check up on your friends every once in a while instead of leaving completely.

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xEmmax · 1 decade ago
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katesmiles · 1 decade ago
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