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I'm hardly online anymore,  so i just wanted to come online and say sorry.
a lot has been going on recently and i might as well just be honest with you guys.
i know i'm not like big, massive, witty famous or whatever, but to followers and friends.
i've been going through a lot, i discovered my little sister has depression, and shes been cutting.
my dad and mum have been constantly arguing, which is driving me insane, giving me headaches.
claire and i broke up, and do not plan on getting back together any time soon since she has a boyfriend.
my life is going crazy right now, so i really haven't got the time to be doing anything, i mean, i have time
i just don't see the point in anything, i'll probably go back to the same old habits, same oliver.
so if i never come on witty again i just want to say sorry to everyone, all of the friends i've made on here, i love you guys, you helped me through some kinda rough times, it means a lot to me.
if i'm hardly ever online, i'm sorry, but know that i'm really thankful.

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I'm hardly online anymore, so i just wanted to come online

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EmilyBeth05 · 1 decade ago
I hope things get better soon Ollie!
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