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I don’t believe the fairytale
That everyday
We’re told
This isn’t the land of the hopes and the dreams
There are no prairies of shimmering gold
Just desolate cities in a concrete park
And angels with no wings
There is nothing left to stop the hate
And all that it ever brings
The blazing light that once painted
All we’d come to know
Is cracked and it is fading
But all they say is “so”
We take the time to fix
The problems in other places
I think it’s time we fix
The sadness on our people’s faces
Our country is a teenager
And the earth is an ancient seer
We’re so arrogant to think
That they all need us to steer
They survived without our help
For years before
We existed
They don’t need our men to fight
They have their own enlisted
So don’t try to tell me, we’re helping
When all we do is destroy
Like children in a schoolyard
Fighting over a toy
Back and forth
The insults fling
In the shape of bullet holes
Heaven is getting pretty full
With all our innocent souls
But I guess they’d never know that
They’re on their cushy chairs
They have their own elevators
So who needs the plebian stairs
They’re gods within their minds
And heroes when others fight
But they’ll never know the pain it is
To follow the eternal light
I bet they’ll never know the names
Of the lives they have destroyed
They’ll never know all the hate
That their "helping" has employed
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I don’t believe the fairytale That everyday We’re told This isn’t

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