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I feel like crying and everything, I want to cut, I want to jump off a bridge, I don't feel like living anymore, I don't understand how someone could be so mean, I just don't get it...I just want to die, and no one understands and shes a mean, horrible, menipulative, b*tch I Have ever met, and people think that she does nothing wrong and it's alway the other person, and people think she is an absolute angle. Well she isn't. She makes me feel like dying, and cutting and doing anything to get away from all this crap. 
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I feel like crying and everything, I want to cut, I want to jump

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katy22wonderstruck · 7 years ago
who is that about? u so have to tell me! text me who!
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PopMonster · 7 years ago
You okay bub <3 Love you! xox and I am here for you <3
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tatertotz7 · 7 years ago
if you did that crap then shed have power over you. have power over yourself and say "you know what, im better than this"
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MrsJeremyBlackburn · 7 years ago
I know how you feel but you know what, your way better then her. she has to be mean to others just to make herself feel better but you know what you should do. Go back at her because even if the people around you think its wrong you know inside that your doing the right thing by sticking up for yourself. Some people do not have respect so don't give them respect until they learn the concept of it.
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soccerald4 · 7 years ago
Im so sorry! ik how you feel. i hate when people are like that. they see the person as not being able to hurt someone else. but the one being bullied sees something different. it sucks! dont cut, dont kill yourself. ik its hard now. it will get better i promise. go to your school counciler talk to them, they can help.
i hope everything gets better and i am here if ever you need to talk
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