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One Directiothings#Fanfic
Chapter 6 (PART ONE)
5:30 pm (1) New Text : Mum

hey Mellisa. so sorry, going to be working late with sam tonight. lots off stuff to work out. you ok to get room service for dinner? rather you didnt go out for food by yourself. dont wait up for me. mum. x x x
---> REPLY
that's fine mum, i kinda expected this kinda thing (: we are here for your job not on holiday lol, and will do. Lissa xxx
I sat slumped over an armchair in one of the designated common rooms on our floor of the hotel. My legs hung over one arm of the chair and my head rested on the other. I flicked through the channels on the TV, settling on an unfamiliar soap opera. I didn’t bother following the storyline; I was a little spaced out - from the flight or my new found friends… I didn’t know. The boys had been out rehearsing all day for the first show of the tour which was in two days. I knew Mum would be going absolutely out of her mind at this point and I decided to just fend for myself the next few days. I had never minded doing things for myself, being alone. Not in an unsocial kind of way. I just needed to be left to my own thoughts sometimes. I became quite the analyst when left by myself. I began to reflect over the previous day and the five boys I’d met. When meeting boys for the first time I generally tended to be quite shy and reluctant to say much. However with Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn, it was a completely different story. They were all older than me and had a very relaxed atmosphere around them which had seemed to, in turn, set me at compete ease in their presence. I’d known them for only a day and yet was already comfortable enough joking with them and just being myself. I was thinking this thought when those five boys burst through the door, a jumble of winter coats and rowdy laughter. Judging by the curls plastered to Harry’s forehead, they’d been caught in the rain.
“Hey, Mellisa,” beamed Liam, shrugging off his coat.

“Hey!” I said with a wave. “I thought pop stars weren’t made to walk in the rain?”
Zayn snorted. “The idiot taxi driver dropped us off a block early and the windows were too fogged up for us to see exactly where we were before we got out of the car.”
“Taxi? Don’t you guys have like special cars or something?” I asked.
“The buses arrive in a couple of days but ‘til then we have to manage peasant-style,” Louis joked, slumping down on a couch near mine.
“Oi. Us peasants know no better and neither do you for the time being!” I reminded him.
“Until the buses come!” Louis repeated. Zayn and Niall joined Louis on the couch, taking control of the TV remote, while Liam perched himself on a stool at the breakfast counter and Harry went to the fridge. I tore my eyes away as quickly as I could when I caught myself staring at the way Harry’s tracksuit pants were slung incredibly low on his hips. “There’s no food!” he complained, slamming the door shut. “Yeah, we’re living off room service I think,” I told him. “At least, I am, Mum’s ditched me to work with Sam tonight, so! Speaking of, I better go back to my room and get some dinner, I might see you boys later.”
“What? Don’t be silly,” said Liam, “Stay and eat with us!”
“Yeah, we did promise to look after you, we can’t let you go back to your room by yourself and just sit there all night!” Zayn joined in with Liam.
“You sure? I don’t want to like, intrude on you guys or anything.” I secretly hoped I wouldn’t have to go back to room and be alone for the whole night. “You’re staying here,” Liam said in a mock stern voice. I laughed, “Alright, i'll stay”
“Here’s a menu,” Harry said, chucking me a piece of laminated card with the hotel logo stamped on it. “Thanks.” I read through it, finding nothing too exciting and settling on the safe option of spaghetti bolognese. The menu got sent around the group and Harry picked up the phone to make an order. He put on his serious, grown-up voice when conversing with the room service person on the end of the line and I couldn’t help but smile at the creases that formed above his eyebrows as he read our orders scrawled messily on the back of a receipt.

:D Tell me what you think? 
Have been getting amazing feedback so far THANKYOU!! :D
means so much to me :')
sorry had to do two parts again, just didn't fit all in one quote and i didn't want to cut down the story :/ sorry! also because i  made the font bigger, as i've been told it is hard to read...
does that help?  Sorry it's not that eventful... i'm building up to it watch out for the next couple of chapters ;)

oh and if you want be to notify when next chapter out please comment :)

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One Direction things#Fanfic UNREQUITED Chapter 6 (PART ONE) 5:30

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