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I can't help but to scroll through the top quotes and laugh. I've been on Witty for more than two years, you can check on my account where it says the day started, and these quotes are just pathetic. Not the formattings, but the actual "quotes." I'm sorry, but if you're asking for favorites so you'll stop cutting your wrists, you need help beyond a website. I'm not saying you're seeking attention, because maybe you do actually have a self-harm problem, but there's a point where you need to draw the line and have confidence in yourself beyond a computer screen. You shouldn't be asking for people to feel sorry for you. This is a website for quotes, not sob storties. If this honestly brings me "hate," it would be my pleasure to embrace it. I have made literally, life-long friends on here, that I actually plan on meeting. This should be a website for people to make each other laugh and share things we have in common; lyrics, poems, stories, vents.. not stories to give pity. Seriously, enough of that.
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I can't help but to scroll through the top quotes and laugh.

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xmaryyx · 9 years ago
I've been on here for four years, I'm with ya.
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GABTASTIC_ · 9 years ago
I love you so much, you're one of my life long friends too ♥ js
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