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okay, so I just walked past my little sisters room just then,
to find her sitting on her bed looking at & reading magazines
with her best friend, both just staring at the pictures.
and then suddenly, my sisters eyes widen and i hear her say.

"i'm so fat, and ugly, i wish i could look like these girls, then
he might actually like me and not be with her, its crappy.
this made me feel horrible, is this how it is now days?
my sister is actually gorgeous, and i don't know why
she would ever call herself ugly, it makes no sense.
and the guy she likes is a jerk and bullies her.

so i guess i just thought i'd get this out there
i just don't understand how some girls can be
like this now, they don't realise how beautiful

they really are.

you're beautiful, you reading this right now, yep
you're beautiful, no matter what you or others
think or say, you're unique and wonderful,
so show everyone your gorgeous smile
and keep it on your face, live your life.



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okay, so I just walked past my little sisters room just then,

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rayray145 · 1 decade ago
At first this made me sad, but the end made my day thank you so much, and you should tell your sister that she isn't ugly :)
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