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Please please please read this! Okay, so my parents say that I'm not allowed to date. I was fine with that, but now not so much. I need some advice. I want to ask them when I can actually be allowed to date. I'm in 7th grade now and I think that I should be allowed to date in 8th grade. Please fav and comment on what you guys think I should say to my parents to start the conversation and get them to agree. Please i need some advice and courage to do this. 20 favs and I will. thankyou if you faved. :) <3

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Please please please read this! Okay, so my parents say that

6 faves · 2 comments · Mar 24, 2012 7:54pm






smilingsadly1 · 1 decade ago
Well, I think it's okay to start dating in 8th grade, and you should gain your parents trust =)
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everlastinglove15 · 1 decade ago
Hunny im in the same spot and i have a thing with this boy and im also in the same grade as you i dont know really what to tell you but the bedt thing to do is ask them and tell them that you want to start dating.the thing i dont want you to do is go behind there back and date someone because believe me it sucks when they find out. Believe me!!!
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