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Please read. I need some advice. Listen, I'm new to Witty and I've been going through quotes and most of them are about how they are " forever alone" well, I just have one thing to say. There is this boy who I met last year in 6th grade. I sort of had and still have a crush on him. 2 weeks into 6th grade, he broke up with his girlfriend and told me " Ever since I met you, I've loved you." I was very shocked. I did not believe that anyone would say that. I sadly could not go out with him, for my parents do not allow me to date. He was a little upset, but he said "It doesn't matter, I can and will wait for you <3"  It is a year and a half later and he has kept that promise. Between this time, he has written songs and poems about me and him. Half of my school knows about this and they always say " You should just go out with him!!!!" it annoys me, really. My answer is the same "I just can't. I'm not allowed to date, okay?" I want to ask my parents if I can be allowed to date, but I'm a little scared. I know this most likely won't get any favs but I just want to ask a favor. Can you please comment on what i should say? This will really help me out. Thankyou if you read this whole thing. <3

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Please read. I need some advice. Listen, I'm new to Witty

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mariahelisabethann · 9 years ago
go for it girl. any guy that keeps a promise for that long means it. tell your parents this story. good luck<3
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marybball03 · 1 decade ago
maybe you can just be boy friend and girl friend. you don't have to go out on dates. its basically being best guy friend and best girl friend.
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