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Hi :). My names Kayleigh.
Im not really how you say "witty popular"
So i know not that many people are gonna see this.
But I need your help.
It all started 3 weeks ago when I first joined Formspring
Its a site where people can go on your wall and ask you questions.
they can hide their name or not.
I was on one day and I had a question in my inbox.
I opened it and read it and it said
"Your a f**king fat a s s who doesnt deserve to be here!"
After I read that, I went into the bathroom and took out a razor.
And I cut.
It was the first of many times.
I have scars all up and down my legs and wrist.
I cut twice a day now.
this has to stop.
I've only told my 4 closest friends.
They have been helping me but i still do cut.
So I'm asking witty.
Please click the <3
or comment.
It would be nice if this got atleast 20 faves.
But I'm pretty sure thats not possible.
Each fave or comment I get
i will go one day without cutting.
thank you


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Hi :). My names Kayleigh. Im not really how you say "witty

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whereismymind · 8 years ago
You are beautiful no matter what your weight is. Don't hurt the one body that you will ever have. Your only young once so don't fill your childhood with painful memories. Hang out with your friends, take a sport, go to church, eat a huge chocolate brownie and love it, but don't ever, ever, cut yourself again. God loves you and so does a billion other people so love yourself enough not to cut.
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magda_pet · 8 years ago
hun dont ya cut again!! i swear to god ill find ya and stalk ya to make sure you are ok... i know it is a little late for the comment but i was a cutter too i i know how it is, but dont ya dare pull that razor again... we all care about u :) <3
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ZombieSlayer · 9 years ago
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sofiluvsyou · 9 years ago
wait.. are you emoprincess from.. stardoll
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musicismylife11 · 9 years ago
You don't even know this person? You cut for someone you don't even know? And that person is mean.
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iamlegend1998 · 9 years ago
don't?! one person thinks your fat and ugly,they're probably jealous:)..Just because one person says it it doesn't make it true no matter who they are! This is horrible and surely it hurts you..Please stop?! Stay strong and ignore the hate comments because it will backfire on the people saying these things and make you feel better! Stay strong,haters will be haters<3
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imabelieber123 · 9 years ago
Nooooooo don't plzzz
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Mistyteal · 9 years ago
Hey so I know its gonna be hard, but just know that we are all here for you, like honestly cant you tell? Obviously we think you are worth it. So remember that and by the time you finish up ALL these days i bet you wont even know why you cut it the first place. Stay strong
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futurepresident · 9 years ago
this comment means you cant cut for 123456789987654564865436 more days! STAY STRONG!!!!
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dancer98 · 9 years ago
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lucysmithers · 9 years ago
Who ever said that is obviously a nasty person shes/hes the one who doesnt deserve to be here! Keep strong and ignor haters they usually jealous...
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Eli123qwe · 9 years ago
Don't cut. Don't cut. Don't cut...
I would comment on this quote a thousand times if I had to. Look at the comments. Look at all the people who care!
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iluvmusic_05 · 9 years ago
don't cut...you are beautiful and strong and if you really try you can sustain yourself from this. hope you get better(:
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MusicFreak24 · 9 years ago
that person doesn't who they are talking about
stay strong
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kdo9596 · 9 years ago
Please don't cut...I don't know you, but you're a worthwhile human being. Ignore those jerks. They are obviously very immature and you shouldn't have to deal with them. Stay strong and if you need someone, I'm here. :)
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x3TheStoryOfUs · 9 years ago
Delete your Formspring. It's honestly effed up. You just joined something to have people say to you, anonymously. You're put yourself into this as soon as you pressed Sign Up.
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whereismymind · 8 years ago
We're supposed to be on here encouraging her not criticising her. I'm sure she had enough ppl telling her that she did this to herself. Be that one person who encourages her
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kewlbeanz28 · 9 years ago
i wish u lots of luck and i hope u make it through :) <3
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Amzybabe98 · 9 years ago
thats about 4 years :] if u stay strong for fours years u can get over cutting. my brother got over his habit and so can u :)
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alyssabj · 9 years ago
how about u never cut again and if u fell like u need 2 im here 4 u 2 talk 2
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Vampire123 · 9 years ago
stay strong
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