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chapter 1
“Grace” yelled my mom from down stair.
“What” I yelled back as usual she didn’t reply.
So I went down stair to see what she wanted there she stood in the kitchen she was wearing a mini skirt, a boob tube top and high heels as usual.
"Grace you need to start getting ready for school I have to get to work!" she yelled.

Prostitution isn’t a job I thought in my head I wouldn’t dare to actually tell her that she would probably kick me out the house

I went upstairs to start getting 
ready first I went to the bathroom to washed the blood off my arms and brush my teeth I then went to my closet and picked out my favourite baseball jacket and sweat pants I then put on my favourite converse.
I grabbed my bag and ran down stairs
“I’m leaving now” I screamed from the front door
“Whatever” replied my mom
As I got into school I walked to my locker on the way there I heard one girl say “she’s so ugly if I was her I would of killed myself long time ago.” I began to walk faster as i got to my locker i took my books out I then decided to go to the library to catch up on my homework I didn’t finish last night besides i did'nt have any friends.


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THE STORY BEHIND THE CUTTER chapter 1 “Grace” yelled

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hockeyprincess11 · 9 years ago
Just a little bit of a helpful tip: You didn't really put any coma's or period's that should go in a lot of places. Also you shouldn't say "I then" too much.
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ApplePieFlutterDashRariSparkle · 9 years ago
It's kind of rushed. Sad story too.
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