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I'm in love with
My Best Friend

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I'm in love with My Best Friend Fav if I should tell him

784 faves · 41 comments · Mar 7, 2012 5:39pm






ilovezeus · 8 years ago
dont do it. you'll get over him soon enough. trust me
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darastarring* · 8 years ago
Do it lovie ;*
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HannaKScar · 8 years ago
Read Troy High by Shana Norris before you do
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Dark_Swan_3 · 8 years ago
now I now what you're gonna tell me next time we talk;)
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ToMyFellowWittians · 8 years ago
only if you think that there is a chance that he will like you too. You really dont want to make things awkward. but if he does like you back it would be amazing
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Beastley51 · 8 years ago
me and my bestfriend have been together for 6 months now..its worth it :)
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babyimaddicteddd · 8 years ago
I met this boy last year, he moved to my town, and he was perfect, everything I've always wanted. He liked me since he met me pretty much, but I was always dating somebody else, so we were just best friends. He knew me better than almost anybody and he was one of the best friends I've ever had. Then, I realized I was madly in love with him. I broke up with my boyfriend and we talked on the phone for 10 hours one night, and confessed that we both liked each other. A week later, he asked me out, one of the most magical days of my life. Everybody said we were the perfect couple, and we knew it. We were amazing together. We fought time and time again, but we would always work it out. We broke up three times but always got back together, because we were meant to be, or so I thought. He made me happier than I have ever been in my entire life. My life with him was the highlight of my life so far. Me & him lasted almost 10 months, and we broke up like 2 months ago. He broke my heart, and I will honestly never be the same. Me & him don't talk at all anymore. We have one class together and it breaks my heart more and more everyday to see the face I fell in love with, ignoring me. He's a stranger to me now. We've both changed, and I honestly do not think we could ever be together again. I wish that we could still be friends, but once lovers, you can't be friends unless you're still in love, or never were. So now, everything is lost. I lost an amazing boyfriend, and an even more amazing best friend. SO , I mean this from the bottom of my heart babygirl : The best way to stay close to somebody you love is to STAY FRIENDS. I wish you the best.
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sunnynicky · 8 years ago
just lead him on and stuff before so he likes you too
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xoxoFearlessxoxo · 8 years ago
its worth it. I told my bestfriend I liked him. we've now been together for almost 3 months.
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erink78 · 8 years ago
if you really like him&have the slight hope that he likes you bac thhen go for it, i went through this phase last month, its horrib;e, but now me&my bestfriend?, we never speak im lucky if i get a hey..because i told hi,&made it akward.
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Sonny84 · 8 years ago
I mean, I guess if you really really like him.. but dont tell any1 else b4 u tell him bcuz the words gonna spread and make him really uncomfortable (trust me, its happened b4)
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PowderPufDragon · 8 years ago
Id say if I were you. Mostly because he might like you back. But make sure its when y'all are alone

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xNessx · 8 years ago
I would say.. Find out a bit about who he likes. And flirt with him a bit. Do that for about 2 weeks. And if you CANT take it anymore and you neeeed to tell him. Go ahead. Tonight, i just told my 'him' i like him. askljlkashlsdaf. He dosnt know if he likes me.
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SoftballChick23 · 8 years ago
well me and my best friend lets just say people speading rumors about us was almost enough to break our friendship so i wouldnt but i dont know your friend becuase mine and i have talked about it before we just decided not to
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illuminate · 8 years ago
Well... if he rejects you or your relationship doesn't work out, your friendship could crumble, but hey it's your choice. I say you do it! :3
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itzBreezy301 · 8 years ago
I told my bestfriend i liked him and he likes me so yeh I would deffinatly tell him

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chocolatechic · 8 years ago
ttake it from me...my best guy friend told me he loved me and i said it back....he had a girl friend and still does...our friendship os slowly crumbling and he may love u back but would go back and change it so we could still be the best of friends and if tht happend maybe just maybe he would still love me</3
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imtotallyserious · 8 years ago
Tell him.. definetly. i wish i could do the same
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Twix · 8 years ago
omg, i did that 2 :) i told my best friend i loved him. because u know him, u should know how hes gonna react. take the chance :)
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