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Just venting:

So yesterday I was screamed at for giving "Terry" a hug in the hallway. My teacher gave me one warning. The next time we were seen hugging it was an immediate meeting with the vice princibal. So I warn my boyfriend "Terry". I told him how I really felt, that I needed to consentrate on school and stuff and he needed to not hug me and just be normal at school. I should have known he wouldnt litsen. Today he walked up to me and gave me a hug from behind. I wasnt happy. i turned around and pushed him off saying I can't why won't you litsen. She came up from behind seeing his arms around me. After HUMILIATING me in front of all of the 8th and 7th grade we were rushed into the office. My vice princibal said that if it happened again we could possibly be suspended. I was thankful he was okay with all of it.

5th period warning bell rings. I said "Love you talk to you later" What does he do? Follows me across the school trying to get me to hug him. WTF! He obviously doesnt care about my feelings.

I have no idea what to do. I am genuially afraid to go to school tommarow because I have no idea what will happen when I do. My friends think I should break up with him. I wish I could just be free but I do love him...

To make matters worse I do the worst thing possible. Invite his worst enemy/my ex/my best guy friend over tommarow night. Then he invites me to the movies later tommarow night and i say YES. WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO. I cannot deal with this much emotional stress. Please, someone try and help me make sense of this huge problem?


....DId I also mention he has been recently following me to random places...like my vollyball practices..then he just waits there till i come out and he likes attacks me with kisses. Today me and my friend were like "terry back off!"

What is HAPPENING to me!?!

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Just venting: So yesterday I was screamed at for giving "Terry"

0 faves · Feb 5, 2009 10:05pm