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Chapter 3
Brenda's P.O.V

 Laying on my bed that night I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss..
I had my science book opened and papers sprawled out
all over the place. 
I had one sentence down on the paper,
I just can't get him off my mind!
I closed my book throwing it on the and got under the covers
of my bed. 
~The Next Morning~
I woke up groggy, slapping my alarm clock nearly breaking it
I just don't want to face Dante today, I was screaming last night
I woke up in a pool of sweat, I know gross but it happened.
In my dream, I was with Dante he was my boyfriend..
I know thats what I want right? 
Well yea, 
but he was still with his other girlfriend..
She found out and told everybody at school that I stole her man
then everybody started to hate me. 
Ok, so it's not like its a horror kinda nightmare but
who wants to have the whole school on your back like that?
Pulling out my most favorite outfit
A colorful off the shoulder top,
it was a crop top but I had a cami so I wasn't showing my belly.
My favorite capri's and my bright blue sandals,
I quickly put my hair in a messy bun.
Why dress all out? 
The outfit I think is a bit to much but I so didn't 
feel like doing my hair. 
I ran downstairs smelling yummy food,
my mom loved to cook so had made omlets yum.
I ate slowly so I wouldn't have to go to that h**l hole so early.


~Author's Note~
I guess it's better. I hope I get more readers! 

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Promises Chapter 3 Brenda's P.O.V Laying on my bed that night

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