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Dear Witty,
you've been there for me for the past 3 years & 24 days, through                 
the good times & the bad. when I made an account on here on February
2nd, 2009, I had no idea what I was even getting myself into. I never
thought you would do as much for me as you have. you were there for
me when I was all alone. you were always my shoulder to cry on. you've
introduced me to some of the greatest people I've met & some of the
worst. when I was feeling alone, you helped me form friendships. some
of those people I've already met- whether I took an 8 hour car ride to
do so, local witty friends came over my house for my birthday, or I went
to the mall to meet Witty friends that visited me. I've done all of those. 
some of these friendships will fade out, I know that, but with all my heart,
I know that some of these friendships will last forever. some of these
people that you introduced me to will be sitting there in the crowd on
my wedding day, or even be standing beside me as one of my 
bridesmaids. Witty, you've helped me through absolutely everything
& I can't even thank you enough. you're more than just a website,
you're my 2nd home, as crazy as it sounds. I don't know how to say
this, but I'm leaving you. your little girl has grown up now. I'm not
the Elementary Schooler that I used to be when I first clicked that
"Create my Account" button. I'm in High School now; I need to focus
on my studies, make sure I get into a good college. I'm alright now,
I don't need to vent to you anymore. if I ever need someone to vent
to, I'll just go to some of the people you introduced me to. I think
I've outgrown you. going on you just isn't the same for me as it
used to be. as time goes on, I slowly watch my Witty friends leave
or not come on as much, & it breaks my heart. it makes me wonder,
"what reason do I have to stay?" & maybe having no reason to stay
is a good reason to leave. thank you so much for everything though.
if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have any self esteem. at all. you taught
me life lessons that I couldn't have learned anywhere else. & now I
want to thank some Wittians that you introduced me to. some of them
I'm still friends with, some of them I lost touch with, some of them I
haven't talked to in years, & some of them hate me with all their heart,
& those people will probably laugh at the fact that I'm putting their
usernames on here. but I want to thank them because they've impacted
my life in some good ways, & also some bad ways. either way, they've
taught me lessons & made me stronger & they deserve a thanks for that.
































& any of my 3800+ followers that I did not list on here.
this is it, my 1111th quote is also my last. thank you for a great 3 years.

Love, Li

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Dear Witty, you've been there for me for the past 3 years

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kelly* · 6 years ago
hmm late
u will never see this comment but yeah hope u have a great life xx
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...* · 6 years ago
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RyansWitty · 7 years ago
:( Bye!
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Imperfectedmuffin · 7 years ago

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xNessx · 7 years ago
We have never spoken, but im sad your gone:( ♥
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emz_luvzya · 7 years ago
i have been o here from the beginning and i totally agree. they have all influcened my life and i am grateful i was here on witty when they made those great quotes that inspired all of us and to them and you i say thankyou. you have changed some people lives
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bball3is3life · 7 years ago
omg whhat the f#ck,
i just started tearing up at this...
event hough we barely ever talked
and i saw this quote a month later,
you are one of the most inspirational beautiful and just by reading this quote, intelligent people ive ever met
which is awkward cuz ive never met you(;
and i know youre not gonnna see it,
so maybe, just maybe ill write it on your tumblr...
omg bye you beautiful person< 3
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MusicSavesLives · 7 years ago
bye, Liv.
thanks for being there for me when I needed you.
don't forget me in the big, scary future, k?

Love, Abbey.
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Smiley_101 · 7 years ago
awwww :c im going to miss you (lol even though i never met you) your quotes where one of the most relatable quotes ever. good luck in your future c:
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sk8ter_gurl_17 · 7 years ago
im really going to miss you < 3 good luck in life :) Good bye, i hope someday we will meet :)
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Marie1388 · 7 years ago
And I want to thank you on behalf of all of us because you're the most amazing person thats been on this wesbite, whether you see this comment or not, thank you for getting me through horrible times, thank you for being the beautiful amazing girl you are. i love you liv
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Behindthesebrowneyes · 7 years ago
Like I said on Tumblr,I will look through your quotes and when I finish I will tell you. I can't wait <3
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nevercutyourbeautiful · 7 years ago
i love you liveey< 3 see you saterday< 3 DONT WORRIE GUYS(: ILL BRING HER BACK.. haha
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lovehimmorethanwords · 7 years ago
No offense, but isn't this the second or third time you've made this quote?
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imjustonegirl · 7 years ago
i no it dont no u but i cried while reading this :(
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GreenieXD · 7 years ago
omfg I cried at this, you beautiful creation
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KaTi3Gx3 · 7 years ago
Omg, i was reading this & got really teary eyed. This really gave me hope ♥ Good luck with life, it sucks to see you leave, but i'm gonna miss you.. as much as we didn't talk, you were amazing, I'm also gonna miss your quotes. Good luck ♥
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xowonderstruckxo · 7 years ago
PLEASE don't go! Your my inspiration and favorite wittier! Stay PLEASE!
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only1truebelieber08 · 7 years ago
um y arent I hear thanks liv love u too (: hahaha
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you_only_live_once_x3 · 7 years ago
i feel so special that im on this, considering we had that fight.. you know. im leaving too, for the same reasons, hopefully we stay in touch love you liv xoxox
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