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Dear papa, it's been two months since you left me. I went to see you on my birthday, and i plan on seeing you tomorrow. I have a boyfriend now. His name is Adrian, he reminds me a lot of you. I feel like you're always here. Dustin hits me. He almost made me break up with me. I wish you could come back. I love you pappy. I'm at JMummy's (my grandmas) right now. She's moving into our old house in UK next week. I wish you were still here. </3 I miss you pappy. I hope to see you sometime soon.. :/ I havent hurt myself or even wanted to for 10 days. I'm proud. I hope you are too. I just wanna hear your voice one more time. I can't take it. But I'll have to deal.. I hope you're having a good time up there in heaven. We miss you, we all do. <3 Rip, 12/26/11 


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Dear papa, it's been two months since you left me. I went

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break up

rockmywurld145 · 8 years ago
Love you lex, I'm always here for you babygirl you know that. I'm so proud of you for being so strong, I know how hard it is these days. <3
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foreverurs · 8 years ago
googd for you lex! your dad must be proud :) but who hits you? and why?
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