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I told witty I was going to kill myself..

Noone cared.

A girl post a quote about it, she got so many faves.
I don't know.
But heres what I do know.
I just got out of the hospital after ODing and almost dying.
almost 3 months spent in the hospital.
I'm Anorexic, Bulimic, and I'm a cutter.
I've been hiding it from the world.
I may have my ugg boots and northfaces.
You know stuf that makes me a "rich kid"
But I would give ALL that up to be happy.
All my dad cares about is his company.
And all you guys care about is FAVES.
I bet most of you didn't even read this bc I'm not "witty famous"
Witty is a HEARTLESS site. If I was Jayciecutie or "fuckerr" or jimmy365 of "yourr cool" id be getting hundreds of faves/comments telling me NOT to do what I did.
But I won't do that.
I'm not "famous" enough.
You guys don't care, its ridiculous.
3rd times a charm right?
Well 3rd time killing myself this year. hope I actually go through with it.


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I told witty I was going to kill myself.. Noone cared. A girl

771 faves · 287 comments · Feb 24, 2012 8:29pm






Quinnvoccio · 8 years ago
I read this and you think you have a bad life your dad might only care about his company but At least yours didn't abandon you then your mother gives you up and famous I have 2 followers on witty I don't care
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Fake_a_smile · 9 years ago
dont do it!
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ImNeverGivingUp happy witty anniversary! · 9 years ago
Don't. But you are so very right. Witty is heartless. But don't please.
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inn3foreva · 9 years ago
PLEASED DONT. Killing yourself wont solve a thing, not a bit. Itll give pain to others and you can live to regret it. dont do it every 40 seconds someone suicides, please dont let that be you...
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143unicornlove · 9 years ago
Don't. Even if there are people who don't care, and have cold hearts, eventually, you will escape this life and find someone who loves you no matter what is wrong. Don't let these things take over your life. You control all that you do. Stop cutting, keep eating, don't throw up. You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Never give up, because it gets better,
Stay beautiful,
S <3
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Goedele · 9 years ago
No, don't do it.
A few months ago, I tried to kill myself too. Like you see, I didn't succeed either. I saw it is life was giving me a second chance. So I decided to give life a second chance. A few days later, I stopped cutting. It was hard, and one of the most diffucults things I've ever done in my life. That's almost 5 months ago now. I can't say my life's perfect. No one's life is perfect. And I have accepted that fact. Yes, it's been hard. Yes, I've thougt A LOT about giving up, but I didn't. And that's the reason, why 5 months later, I can finally say that I'm happy. And aftre a while, you will be able to say that too, if you just change your ways & give life a second chance. I know you can do it. Please, stay strong. <3
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xoxoGotNinjaxoxo · 9 years ago
no please dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you and your beautiful and i care and if u want ill give u my # or fb so we can talk. just please dont cause i care way too much to let that happen. your beautiful and believe it or not people care! i do! PLEASE dont we love you here on witty and people love you inb the world. dont do this.
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sm97 · 9 years ago
you don't need some quote to tell u ur strong. you've lasted this long--u can keep going. stay strong<3
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peanutrox21 · 9 years ago
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emsteffers · 9 years ago
thank you so much for not killing yourself your are not worthless you are beautiful:)
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shortNsweet · 9 years ago
no , you can't . there are people who love you && even if you don't feel that way . ITS TRUE . you cannot end your life , it's not meant to be like this . you are not just a "rich kid" you are unique in everyway. you may think you are just on small part of our world but your not your more than that . 3,000,000,000 little things make up our big thing . you are crucial to that

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LittleOne1138 · 9 years ago
i agree 100% but don't give up on yourself you may not be witty famous but you are who you are and thats what makes you special no one can take that away from you...
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Masaraliciouse · 9 years ago
i couldnt agree more
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HereToMakeYouSmile · 9 years ago
Please...please dont do it :[ God is with you every step of the way<3

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Skyrimfan75321 · 9 years ago

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xxxHaleyLynn · 9 years ago
please don't. you're loved<3
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jesusismylovexox · 9 years ago
darling, please don't do it. it's not worth all the heartache for everyone who knows and loves you. you're right, we might all look nice and clean on the outside with our pretty hair, and nice clothes, but yeah, i know what it's like to feel dead inside. you just have to pull through because believe me, things WILL get better. counseling, therapy, even just talking to someone you trust, it helps SO much... i'm always here if you need to talk, i promise <3
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taylorjustine · 9 years ago
Don't do anything that you will regret. If this is for real, or fake. I really don't care. This comment can go to either or. But honestly. Don't do anything stupid that you will regret later on. Even if people on witty (a stupid site people go on to express their feelings, waste time on and to be funny & silly on) don't care, doesn't mean that actual people, who actually KNOW you don't either. And if it seems they don't, then turn to God. He is always there for you. Just ask for forgiveness and you have it. He forgives all. I do not lie, and I care. And don't do it. Stay here. Many will miss you. You may think not, but think about it. If you kill yourself, and someone kills themselves because they lost you, and so on.. Then you have created sorrow and guilt fo many others.
So PLEASE, stay here<3.
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katiekaye97 · 9 years ago
please dont. i never saw your quote and its not worth it. you obviousley havnt succeeded yet because youre still needed on Earth. your friends and family need you. your perfect imperfect, just like every single other person. youre unique, smart, beautiful and worth it. witty loves you too. please dont do it. youre above that, and i care. <3
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livluvsoccer · 9 years ago
dont do it. not trying to b mean but if your doing this for attention...this isn't the right way o get it. your just gunna hurt the ppl tht love you. so just stop. its not worth it.
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