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so i have a 5-year old cousin . she WAS the cutest little thing , until mothers think it's cool to make their 5-year old daughters dress up like sl*ts . i saw her yesterday and she had makeup all over he - even on her arms - she was dressed in hot pants and a loose shirt that was literally falling off of her . she had perfect eyebrows done by a professional . but here's the worst part , she dyed all of her hair blonde . i told her she should dress her age because i am 13 y/o and i don't expose myself like she does . she replied to me , and i quote , "shut up ! at least i care about how i look ! i already have a boyfriend , and look at you , your 13 and you haven't even been kissed . you are PATHETIC"that was my boiling point . "shut up you stupid little girl before i knock all of you baby teeth out . sure i haven't been kissed yet but i don't care because i don't plan on losing my virginity at age 10 and being a TEEN MOM  at age 13 . you will ruin yourself because of the way you dress you little SL*T !!! " I  said to her . i don't think she understood half of the words i said but i guess it was worth it .


i know that most people won't care about this but i just needed to vent .
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so i have a 5-year old cousin . she WAS the cutest little thing

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hobowithasticker · 9 years ago
oh my gawsh!
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