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Kisses in the rain. Watching Disney movies. Cuddling. Long walks. Teddy bear giving. A dozen roses. Watching clouds. Stargazing. Picnics. Listening to music together. Playing a sport together. Walks on the beach. Watching the sunset. Good morning texts. Going on the ferris wheel together. Dancing to no music. The kiss that always feels like the first. Sneaking out together. Tickle fights. Laughing when nothing is even funny. A loss of words. Cheesy pick-up lines. Playing video games together. Comforting each other. Just hugging. Feeling like you're walking on air. Thinking about your future together. The first "I love you." Always knowing you have someone to go to. Holding hands. Always wanting more. Texting 24/7. Having someone to call yours. Knowing you have someone to defend and protect you. Sharing your dreams. Snuggling by a fire. Making decisions together. Making promises. Laying in a field. Taking photo booth pictures together. Sharing music. Getting butterflies. Sharing a smoothie. Finding out what you have in common. Not being able to sleep at night just thinking about the next day with your love. Studying together. Knowing they are your only one. Having someone to help you pick up the pieces. Tickle fights. Long phone conversations. A loss of words. Swinging arms. Snuggling. Slow dancing together. Long kisses. Looking at the stars together. Nice picnics. Always wanting more. Staying up texting each other. Riding roller coasters together. Never-ending laughter. Pouring out your feelings. Daydreaming. The quiet that's not awkward. Understanding each other. Thinking about your future together. Teaching something to the other. The awkward couple pictures. Giving pillow pets as presents. Not being able to describe your feeling for each other. Knowing the other would do anything for you. Feeling like you don't even deserve the other. That love poetry that just flows out. When you're so head over heals that real life is better than your dreams could ever be. Being able to say you're taken. Bragging about your relationship. Memorizing each other's numbers. Piggy back rides. Receiving flowers. Watching scary movies together. Daydreaming. The quiet that's not awkward. The awkward couple pictures. Teaching each other something. The cute nicknames. Looking into their eyes. Knowing each other too well. Wanting every moment with each other to last forever. Having them always on your mind. Knowing exactly what to say. The longest hugs ever. Memorizing how they smell. Giving gifts for no reason. Being able to tell when the other is upset. Texting all day. Three AM phone conversations. Video chatting for hours. Watching the sunrise together. Sharing ice cream. Playing  video games together. Showing each other off. Believing it' ll last forever. Finally knowing what love feels like. Going to school football games together. Feeeling like you're walking on air.Holding hands even if they're sweaty. Those crazy butterflies. Bragging about each other. "forever &always"
                     Youn g   Love   ♥
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Kisses in the rain. Watching Disney movies. Cuddling. Long walks.

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