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Se an, please read this

I'm sorry.
 I'm sorry for all our fights, because god only knows we've had a lot.
I'm sorry for over analizing our relationship and writing it where you can see it.
I'm sorry for using your words against you.
I'm sorry for every promise I've broken.
I'm sorry for telling you about my cutting and putting you through that h3ll.
I'm sorry that I broke up with you.
I'm sorry that I didn't like the same music
I'm sorry for that one time I overslept and missed our date.
I'm sorry that I forgot little details about you.
I'm sorry that I made you hangout with my friends when it didn't make you comfortable.
I'm sorry that I went out with Tim so quickly after you.
I'm sorry that I couldn't save you from yourself.
I'm sorry that I cut off all my hair, because I know you like girls with long hair.
I'm sorry for not being able to relate to you when you talk about your time in the hospital.
I'm sorry that I made you go on the ferris wheel at the festival.
I'm sorry for falling asleep when texting you.
I'm sorry for not  coming to more track/cross meets.
I'm sorry for my brother.
I'm sorry for making you come to the dance at St. Gabes
I'm sorry for not being more interested in NationStates 
I'm sorry for fighting with Lindsey, I know she means well.
I'm sorry for my friends & what they said to Jack that one night.

I'm sorry for only focussing on the bad.

I loved our relationship I honestly did.

I loved every Saturday night spent at my house
I loved how we completely failed at playing MarioKart
I loved how you held me
I loved how perfect our first kiss was
I loved how we could walk around at the camper
I loved how we acted like little kids
I loved how we danced in the rain in your backyard
I loved that time we walked to Target and bought crayons and notebooks
I loved wearing your sweatshirt (It went to Florida & Hilton Head with me)
I loved that we made Bailey together
I loved how you let us name her Bailey
I loved when we planned our future together
I loved how we slept on your couch together after your cross meet that day
I loved all our conversations that consisted of ":D" and "Hahahah(:" 's
I lvoed how even though you hated heights, you still went on the ferris wheel again and we kissed
I loved how you also wanted to see the 7 Wonders Of The World
I loved how we discussed what we would name our children
I loved how you were intelligent
I loved how you didn't care if I hung out with Matt
I loved how we picked eachother's music to fall asleep to
I loved how you made me feel beautiful no matter what
I loved how you always confided in me
I loved how you accepted my thoughts
I loved the first time we ever texted, how you were okay with it
I loved how we made a list of Disney movies
I loved how you introduced me to all your friends
I loved how we went "running" together
I loved how you let me take bailey to Hilton Head
I loved how you took silly pictures with me
I loved how you always supported me
I loved how we could walk around the mall holding hands
I loved that car ride from the mall to your house when Ally drove us
I loved you.

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Se an, please read this I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all

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